Seniors’ Care

Listen to Dr. Romayne Gallagher on CISL's Boomer Life

Joanne Sutton talks about the receiving and giving the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease with Maria Howard from the Alzheimer Society of B.C. along with guests Emily Clough, Dr. Romayne Gallagher and Dave Obee.

Province to spend $40 million to build new nursing homes, update older ones

The health authority announced Thursday it will spend $40 million on the project and has signed agreements for six new and expanded residential care facilities. The agreements represent the first stage in a longer-term plan that will see a significant number of the region’s residential care facilities rebuilt to today’s modern standard. 

Senior women more likely overprescribed drugs than men: UBC study

A new study suggests senior women are more likely than men of the same age to be prescribed medication they don’t need.

North Vancouver senior, 82, ends up in homeless shelter after cancer surgery

An 82-year-old North Vancouver woman has been recovering from her mastectomy at a homeless shelter — her only option as her landlord deals with bedbugs at her Lower Lonsdale apartment.

Seniors' care centre seeking 'angels' (St. Michael's Centre)

Burnaby’s St. Michael’s Centre needs some renovations to help brighten the living quarters for seniors and people in hospice care.

UBC program aims to train health care workers to manage aging population

A new program at UBC beginning in January aims to specially train health care workers for dealing with an aging population.

A special ‘neighbourhood’ for people with dementia (St. Paul's Hospital)

De Hogeweyk, known in English as “The Neighbourhood,” is a nursing home in the Netherlands that specializes in care for people with dementia. Unlike other care facilities, De Hogeweyk is a four-acre secure site where 150 residents can walk around the grounds safely so they can live their lives as normally as possible.

Study could help prevent falls among elderly

A UBC Okanagan researcher is looking at ways to help keep elderly residents safe and independent in their later years. One of the key aspects of her research is fall prevention.

Cystic fibrosis research: celebrating advances, helping seniors cope (St. Paul's Hospital)

Only a few decades ago, children with cystic fibrosis weren't expected to live long enough to reach elementary school.


Not an inner-city hospital: Who uses St. Paul’s?

Every year there are 500,000 patient visits to St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. And while most people would believe the majority of patients come from the city, in fact more than half of the patients who visit are from outside Vancouver.


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