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Study finds family history of sexual abuse heightens risks (Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences)

A study indicating that survivors of sexual abuse and children of residential school survivors are at a much higher risk of sexual assault shows the need for the country’s first indigenous-designed centre to treat young sexual assault victims, First Nations advocates say.

Study shows link between continued abuse of aboriginal women, residential schools (Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences)

Young aboriginal women in B.C. are more likely to be victims of violence if they were sexually abused as children or had a parent who attended a residential school, a landmark study has found.

Four biotech companies that are helping B.C. lead the battle against aging (Dr. David Granville, St. Paul's Hospital)

A Vancouver-based anti-aging company is betting that the fountain of youth flows with antifreeze produced by an Antarctic fish.

Researchers study ‘super seniors’ for clues to their longevity

Rare healthy old people like musician Dal Richards, 97, may lack disease susceptibility factors, researchers say

Searching for PROOF of person-specific prevention and care (Prevention of Organ Failure Centre of Excellence)

We are all too aware of the immense global burden of heart, lung and kidney failure, and the challenges they pose to communities, health systems, care providers, and patients and families. 

HIV treatment drug could be effective preventative tool: study (Canadian HIV Trials Network)

A drug used here as part of treatment for people infected with HIV could be used as an effective preventative tool, claim the authors of a new study by the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network.

St. Paul’s telecardiology program gives heart patients health care at home

St. Paul’s Hospital, the leading heart disease centre in B.C., is offering patients outside the Lower Mainland a way to visit a cardiologist without having to travel to Vancouver.

Type 2 Diabetes On The Rise In Young British Columbians (Dr. Calvin Ke, St. Paul's Hospital)

We have a serious type 2 diabetes problem in B.C., and even that seems a bit of an understatement when you actually look at the numbers.

Type 2 Diabetes Overtakes Type 1 Diabetes in Young People

A new study by researchers at Providence Health Care (PHC) shows Type 2 diabetes has drastically increased in people under 30, even surpassing Type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes rising in B.C. young people, study says (Providence Health Care)

A new study says Type 2 diabetes has dramatically increased in young people in B.C.


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