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Canada Is Getting A New "Dementia Village" To Help Locals Suffering From Dementia And Alzheimer's (Jo-Ann Tait, PHC)

The news was released that Vancouver Island is getting it's first publicly funded dementia village to help support elderly Canadians suffering from the disease.

A daily dose (or 2): Curious minds turn to CBD to treat range of ailments (BCCSU)

With cannabis now legal in Canada, curious minds are seeking out marijuana-based treatments, like CBD — a compound of cannabis — for treating ongoing medical conditions, with some people even using it to wean themselves off prescription medications.

What Vancouver Island's first 'dementia village' could look like (Jo-Ann Tait, PHC)

The society building Vancouver Island's first village for people with dementia in Comox has released its first renderings of what the facility might look like.

First look at the island's new 'dementia village' (Jo-Ann Tait, PHC)

First look at the island's new 'dementia village.'

Photo Renderings of BC’s first publicly funded Dementia Village on Vancouver Island (Jo-Ann Tait, PHC)

Seniors suffering from dementia on Vancouver Island will soon have access to an innovative new health care facility that aims to improve patients’ quality of life.

Study confirms 1-hour discharge rule for patients given naloxone after opiate overdose (SPH)

Suspected opioid overdose patients treated with naloxone are safe for discharge from the emergency department after one hour. That is the conclusion of a study to be published in the January 2019 issue of Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM), a journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM).

Project that kept more addicted patients in treatment expands across B.C. (BC-CfE)

An 18-month pilot project is being expanded across British Columbia after more than double the number of drug-addicted people stayed in treatment.

Pilot project expanding in B.C. after seeing more addicted patients stay in treatment (BC-CfE)

A pilot project in Vancouver is being expanded across British Columbia after more than double the number of drug-addicted people stayed in treatment to prevent them from fatally overdosing.

Dementia village coming to Vancouver Island (Jo-Ann Tait, PHC)

A new residential care community on Vancouver Island is in the early stages of planning.

First village for people with dementia planned for Vancouver Island (PRCC, PHC)

A planned community in the Comox Valley will see an innovative shift in care for people with dementia.


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