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UBC researchers find 100 percent of study participants using illicit opioids test positive for fentanyl

A common joke told around the Downtown Eastside is that there is no heroin left in Vancouver, only fentanyl. Now a study out of UBC suggests that jest actually has some truth to it.

YHC eyes contracting out testing (St. Paul's Hospital)

The Yukon Hospital Corp. (YHC) is considering a contract with St. Paul’s Hospital that could see the majority of the territory’s microbiology testing outsourced from Whitehorse General Hospital (WGH) to the Vancouver facility.

CBC interviews Dr. Karin Humphries about women's heart health

CBC interviews St. Paul's Hospital cardiovascular epidemiology expert Dr. Karin Humphries about women's heart health.

Concerns raised about effectiveness of opioid substitution therapy in UBC study (Dr. Keith Ahamad, St. Paul's Hospital)

A study of drug use in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside concluded with 100 per cent of participants who used illicit opioids testing positive for fentanyl, raising concerns that higher opioid tolerance from the powerful synthetic drug could threaten the effectiveness of substitution treatment.

Fentanyl detected in 100% of Downtown Eastside drug users in UBC study

UBC researchers have detected fentanyl in 100 per cent of study participants in the Downtown Eastside, many of whom were enrolled in substitution therapy programs.

Women unnecessarily suffering, dying from heart disease due to lack of research: report (Dr. Karin Humphries)

Canadian women are “unnecessarily suffering and dying from heart disease” because of gender inequities in the health care system, says a new report by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

B.C. doctor predicts ban on assisted death in faith-based institutions will go to court (Christopher De Bono)

Dr. Jonathan Reggler says he's certain a ban on assisted death in faith-based institutions in B.C. will eventually wind up in court. 

Heart disease in women is under-diagnosed, under-treated and under-researched: Heart and Stroke report (Dr. Karin Humphries)

Patti LeBlanc had just finished preparing her vegetable dish for her church’s December potluck when she felt an odd sensation throughout her body while putting her stuff in her car.

Surrey to get urgent mental health care centre in 2019

Surrey Memorial Hospital will soon house a mental health and addictions centre that will make it easier to get psychiatric treatment and medications including Suboxone and methadone, the Fraser Health Authority announced Wednesday.

Overdose deaths in B.C. at all time high, again

At least 1,422 people died of an illicit drug overdose in BC in 2017, an increase of 43 per cent from 2016.


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