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The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn (Dr. Simon Pimstone)

Ottawa report, Seattle protest, heart disease, casino workers, EMBC director Chris Duffy on floods, gardening, Metro Matters, Hamish Telford on premier meeting, Justin McElroy on NDP promises, Parental Guidance.

A gateway drug? Breaking down two commonly cited assertions by Tory senators as cannabis legalization nears (BCCSU)

As legislation to legalize recreational cannabis drags on in the Senate, two assertions about the drug are frequently cited by skeptics in the Red Chamber: that ending prohibition will lead to an increase in teen use; and that marijuana is a so-called gateway to harder drugs.

Debates of the Legislative Assembly (SPH Redevelopment)

The House in Committee of Supply.

B.C. to forbid snack sales in cannabis retail stores (BCCSU)

Most key planks in the B.C. government’s plans to control private-sector cannabis sales after the federal government legalizes adult recreational use later this year mimic how the province regulates alcohol.

High levels of fentanyl — and deceit — detected in Vancouver street-drug supply (BCCSU)

The B.C. Centre on Substance Use says fentanyl cut with caffeine and a sugar substitute is being sold as heroin on Vancouver's streets.

Pilot project’s initial results show fentanyl, other substances found in Vancouver street drugs (BCCSU)

Street drugs in Vancouver are often not as advertised, according to new data from a drug-checking program.

Drug checking finds most were not what Vancouver users expected (BCCSU)

An overdose crisis in the western city of Vancouver prompted officials to ask for samples of street drugs to test their contents. Analysis of 1,714 substances found that more than 60 per cent contained none of the drug that clients were told they were getting.

More than half of street drugs tested don't contain what you think (VCH & BCCSU)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It looks like the majority of street drugs in Vancouver don’t contain what users think they do.

Expert says political courage needed to open safe injection sites in Manitoba (BC-CfE & BCCSU)

WINNIPEG — One of the country's leading experts says Manitoba needs to find the political will to bring in safe injection sites.

Panel to ponder three options for arterial road and overpass through False Creek Flats (SPH)

The process of picking a route for the new arterial road and overpass through the False Creek Flats will begin this summer.


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