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Loneliness, falls and over-medicating afflict seniors in B.C. care homes (Youville)

The crossword on Dennise Keefe’s door is a nine-word autobiography: His friend Chris saved his life, he was a short-order cook, he loves rock ‘n’ roll music, he’s a whiz at cards, and he makes coffee every morning at his long-term residential-care facility.

Nearly 4,000 Canadians died of opioid overdoses in 2017: Health Canada (BCCSU)

The overdose epidemic claimed nearly 4,000 lives in 2017, according to new figures released by Health Canada.

Seniors care in B.C. - Months in hospital waiting for residential care not uncommon

Wayne Greggain lived at Sechelt Hospital five months, but not because he needed treatment.

‘Game-changer’ HIV prevention drug could be leading to lower condom use: studies (BC-CfE)

Pre-exposure prophylaxis, commonly known as PrEP, is a “game-changer” when it comes to preventing HIV infections, doctors say. But some new studies are suggesting that people who take it use condoms less often — increasing their risk of contracting other sexually-transmitted infections.

Mark Romoff: When everything is considered, P3s are a good deal for taxpayers (SPH)

In response to the June 11 op-ed by Keith Reynolds on public-private partnerships — P3s — only partial truths once again are told by opponents of the P3 model to try to sway governments to oppose private sector involvement in the delivery of public assets.

UBC introduces Canada’s first professorship of cannabis science (Dr. Evan Wood & BCCSU)

UBC is introducing Canada’s first ever professorship of cannabis science to investigate the potential role that pot-based research could play in the mitigation of the opioid crisis and other addictive disorders.

Family-and-friend caregivers to receive expanded supports

The Ministry of Health is investing $75 million to expand respite care and adult day programs, helping both seniors and their loved ones.

Largest supervised injection site on Vancouver Island opens in Victoria

Island Health opened its largest supervised injection site on Monday.

Nightime construction near Vancouver hospital keeps patients, residents up all night (VGH & VCH)

Patients at Vancouver General Hospital and nearby residents say noisy construction kept them awake overnight Friday.

Vancouver overdose report calls for more funding for prevention sites (VCH)

A report diving into the root causes of addiction calls for more low-barrier overdose prevention sites.


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