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Surgery delays blamed on nurses failing course (St. Paul's Hospital)

Executives at Vancouver General Hospital are unable to explain why so many nurses failed a six-month course to become operating room nurses.

Protein-enhanced foods may not help you shed weight (Anna Koroleva)

Take a stroll down any grocery aisle and you’ll see many products — cereal, bread, even water — boasting added protein. When the box says protein on it, many consumers think they are buying a healthy choice. But is it money well spent when it comes to your health?


Seniors ignored in homeless strategies

Strategies to address homelessness often overlook seniors, and strategies to provide care for seniors often overlook homelessness ­- leaving a gap in services for seniors, according to an expert gerontologist.

“What we see is older homeless people are often invisible in the aging agenda and within homeless initiatives,” said Amanda Grenier, with the aging and mental health department at McMaster University.

Our Campus: HIV/AIDS researcher Julio Montaner is a real-life superhero

If the number of lives one saved determined your membership in the Justice League, Dr. Julio Montaner would be the real-life equivalent of Superman.

3D printers help researchers test new drugs’ impact on organs more efficiently

Imagine being able to eliminate the need for organ donors or finding a more accurate way to test new drugs.

Residents raise the alarm over youth recovery house opening in East Vancouver neighbourhood (Providence Health Care)

Renfrew Heights residents says they are outraged about a plan to put a recovery house in their quiet neighbourhood.

Vaughn Palmer: Health Ministry boondoggle defies resolution

Any time the B.C. Liberals are challenged over those botched firings in the Health Ministry, they cite concerns about a serious breach of privacy regarding confidential medical information of thousands of British Columbians.

“Let me remind the house that the ministry was dealing with a number of very real and ongoing privacy breaches,” said Health Minister Terry Lake when under fire from the Opposition side earlier this month. “That included the misuse of personal information, confidential medical information, of over 30,000 British Columbians.”

Province spent $181 million on health workers’ overtime last year

B.C. spent $181 million in overtime for health workers in 2013, a sector in which unions have raised concerns about understaffing for years.

The health care system has, for too long, been run on the backs of employees like nurses who work long hours, too many days in a row, charged Gayle Duteil, president of the B.C. Nurses’ Union.

“The system is running on overtime,” said Duteil. “We are now talking about normalizing the abnormal.”

Lori Culbert and Rob Shaw report

First Nations Health Authority appoints new chief medical officer for B.C.

The First Nations Health Authority has selected one of B.C.’s deputy provincial health officers as its new chief medical officer.

Dr. Evan Adams, a member of the Tla’amin (Sliammon) First Nation, will assume the position on December 1.

The health authority said Adams will work with government partners on health matters that affect First Nations and all British Columbians.

Tiffany Crawford reports

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Nanaimo man makes full recovery after receiving kidney from wife (St. Paul's Hospital)

Earlier this year, Terry Picard discovered the kidney donor he desperately needed had been right next to him for over 30 years.


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