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B.C. addicts in court fighting federal ban on prescription heroin

VANCOUVER - A group of chronic drug addicts are asking a Vancouver judge for an injunction against the federal government that would allow them access to prescription heroin until the court hears their legal challenge of the law.

Prescription heroin fight reaches B.C. courts

A local health authority and a legal rights group take their fight to court Tuesday to keep a heroin program alive after the federal government cracked down on doctors prescribing hard drugs.

Providence Health Care and the Pivot Legal Society are pushing for an injunction that would allow the former to maintain its SALOME treatment program that was serving more than 200 people.

Douglas King of Pivot said that since the federal government imposed changes last year, recovering addicts exiting the treatment portion have been unable to continue taking the clinical heroin.

PHC Director Yoel Robens-Paradise comments on MModal bankruptcy

Transcript Story: Terry Bell from CKNW and Yoel Robens-Paradise from Providence Health Care discuss MModal bankruptcy.

Terry Bell: Providence Health Care is saying “not so fast” to the Hospital Employees' Union as it raises concerns over a contractor filing for bankruptcy protection in the US. PHC executive director Yoel Robens-Paradise says there will be no disruption of medical transcription services on this side of the border.

PHC Director comments on bankruptcy filing regarding BC medical records

The Hospital Employees Union says a company hired by Providence Health Care to contract out medical transcription work has gone bankrupt in the U-S.

HEU spokesperson Mike Old says the bankruptcy is concerning for medical transcription services in the Health Authority.

Old says it is also concerning when you consider patient’s privacy.

Shane Woodford Reports

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Dr. Nazif and Dr. Krausz interview on BC Almanac

Dr. Nazif and Dr. Krausz join CBC on the BC Almanac show to discuss the Acute Behavioural Stabilization Unit at St. Pauls.

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Pete McMartin: The Portland Hotel Society -- Oh. My. God.


I don’t know where to start.

There’s just so much that jumps out at you that’s egregious, hilariously improbable and, in the context of a social welfare agency the efforts of which should be entirely concentrated on the poor and marginalized, obscene.

Almost $9,000 in limousine charges. In one year.

Stays at the best hotel rooms — some of them approaching $900 a night — in Paris, Istanbul, Ottawa, Vienna, Los Angeles, New York City. (Personally, I can’t afford to stay at the Plaza.)

Pete McMartin Reports

HEU concerned some health records may be compromised

The US company outsourced to transcribe medical records at several Lower Mainland hospitals has filed for bankruptcy.

The Hospital Employees Union wants to know whether this means health records could be compromised.

Dr Michael Krausz applauds the provincial government's establishment of a new acute behavioral stabilization unit at St Paul's Hospital

Dr Michael Krausz joins BC Almanac on Thursday March 21st.

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Dr. Anna Nazif interview on CBC On the Coast

Dr. Anna Nazif was a guest of On the Coast on CBC with host Matthew Lazin-Ryder.

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Doors open at St. Paul's Hospital mental health emergency unit

Photograph by: Jason Payne , PNG

Nine beds, seclusion rooms, and safety measures such as doors with unbreakable glass and bathrooms free of anything that patients can harm themselves are part of a new unit at Vancouver's St. Paul's Hospital for people with severe mental illnesses or addictions.

The acute behavioural stabilization unit is part of a government promise to address what Vancouver police have described as a mental health crisis in the city.


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