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Could new approach to seniors save Canada's health-care system? Top doctor says yes

The future of Canada’s health system depends on rethinking the way seniors are cared for, the president of the Canadian Medical Association said Tuesday.

The CMA is calling for a national seniors strategy that would get elderly patients with chronic ailments out of hospitals and into institutions and programs better suited to their needs.

Restructuring the health system through a seniors strategy could save it, said association president Dr. Chris Simpson.

Elizabeth Payne reports

Shelter from the storm (Dr. Anita Palepu, Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences)

After a day of heavy rainfall, the Downtown Eastside is strangely deserted.

Who’s doing the most to improve quality and safety in health care? Find out here (Providence Health Care)

As in past years,  I was one of the judges this year in a B.C. patient safety and quality care competition.

Luster of B.C. bonds dulls under weight of provincial debt (St. Paul's Hospital)

Bond traders in North America’s financial markets are adding to the pressure on the B.C. government to pare back debt to maintain its top-level credit rating with Moody’s Investor Service.

St. Paul's Lights of Hope fireworks show

On November 27, thousands of Vancouverites and tourists will gather around Burrard Street to experience the annual fireworks display at the St. Paul’s Hospital in Downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver man charged in random hammer attacks (St. Paul's Hospital)

A 27-year-old man has been charged in connection to a couple of random hammer attacks that sent two men to hospital with serious injuries on Sunday night.

Provinces need screening programs to find lung cancer when most treatable: report

Comprehensive screening programs that detect lung cancer early and improve patients' chances of survival are lacking across the country, says a report by Lung Cancer Canada, an advocacy and research fundraising organization.

Assertive Outreach Team looks to fill in critical mental health gap

Vancouver’s homeless population often involves individuals who have mental health, addiction, and crime issues, and it’s the police who are typically the first responders.

Depending on the situation, jail can become their institution or a hospital a temporary address for some of the homeless going through these issues.

Lights of Hope 2014 fireworks show in Downtown Vancouver (St. Paul's Hospital)

Every year for one night in November, thousands of Vancouverites fill Burrard Street to watch the fireworks display that kicks off the annual Christmas-time Lights of Hope charity initiative at St. Paul’s Hospital in Downtown Vancouver.

Canadians with cystic fibrosis living longer than a generation ago

Canadians with cystic fibrosis are living dramatically longer than a generation ago, to the point where CF is now considered a chronic condition, not strictly a pediatric illness.

New research published in Thursday’s edition of the European Respiratory Journal based on numbers from Canada’s CF registry shows the median age of survival for CF patients has surpassed 50, up from just 32 in 1990. (That means half live into their 50s.)


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