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Even mild coronary artery disease puts diabetic patients at risk (St. Paul's Hospital)

According to a new long-term study, diabetic patients with even mild coronary artery disease face the same relative risk for a heart attack or other major adverse heart events as diabetics with serious single-vessel obstructive disease.

“Opioids are a huge problem” in N.L., police say

Police say abuse of prescription pain relievers is a huge problem for Newfoundland and Labrador but it lacks a crucial antidote: a provincewide computer tracking system.

Quick arrest made of suspect who allegedly shot at woman on mobility scooter (St. Paul's Hospital)

A suspect in a shooting was arrested Tuesday morning, just an hour after Vancouver police took the unusual step of releasing his name and picture before charges were laid.

Old hospitals vulnerable to thefts: security chief (St. Paul's Hospital)

The head of the Integrated Protection Services — which provides security for all four Lower Mainland public health organizations — says the weekly thefts at Vancouver’s largest hospitals are partly because of the age of the buildings and a lack of the latest technology for security.

Opinion: Made-in-Canada AIDS strategy a blueprint for health care sustainability (Dr. Julio Montaner)

The national AIDS strategy is nearly a decade old and desperately needs updating.

Flu shot rates down among Vancouver Coastal health care workers

Fewer patient care providers have received a flu shot this year compared to last in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, despite a province-wide rule requiring vaccination or a mask by today.

Only 62 per cent of health care workers have received this season's flu vaccine to date, according to the health authority.

Last flu season, vaccination rates among the same group of workers reached 82 percent, with the rest required to wear a mask.

Vancouver doctor warns of hepatitis C "tsunami" among baby boomers (Dr. Julio Montaner)

The doctor who’s been at the forefront of B.C.’s pioneering, globally imitated battle against HIV and AIDS for the past three decades is now turning his attention to another looming heath crisis — an estimated 80,000 people in B.C. infected with hepatitis C.

World AIDS Day marked in British Columbia, and around the world (Dr. Julio Montaner)

People around the world marked World AIDS Day on Monday.

Dr. Peter Centre marks hits and misses in fight against AIDS (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Doctors count successes in the fight against HIV and AIDS with statistics, measuring how many fewer deaths and new diagnoses each year.

The state of AIDS today: How far we’ve come, and how far we have to go still (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Dr. Julio Montaner, the world-renowned AIDS researcher and director of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, remembers what it was like to walk the streets of Vancouver at the height of the outbreak in the 1980s and ’90s.


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