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St. Paul's nurse thanked with fudge delivery during National Nursing Week

One way to say thanks is with a 240-pound fudge delivery.

That’s what organ transplant recipients gave to nurses throughout the province Tuesday during an annual act of gratitude for National Nursing Week.

Last year the patients delivered popcorn, but this year a much stickier present was delivered.

Wynne Chiu, transplant nurse at St. Paul’s Hospital, said her fudge was delivered without incident.

“I’m not quite sure how much, but there’s a significant amount of fudge in our office right now,” Chiu said with a chuckle.

All B.C. adults should be tested for HIV every five years: new guidelines

The provincial government today announced some radical new health guidelines — that urge everyone in BC to get tested, regularly, for HIV AIDS. They’re the first such guidelines in the entire country. B.C.’s provincial health officer is recommending all British Columbians get tested for HIV/AIDS every five years.

Randene Neill Reports

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B.C. is first Canadian region to encourage routine HIV testing for adults

Once labelled absurd, the idea of mass testing of adults for HIV and AIDS is now part of the routine in British Columbia, proving the province is showing the world how to control and defeat the cruel disease, says the doctor leading the program.

The B.C. government announced Monday it will become the first jurisdiction in Canada to introduce guidelines for health-care providers to encourage all adult British Columbians to get tested for HIV.

Vancouver teenager makes progress in HIV prevention

A 15-year-old high school student has gotten a head start on her scientific career by developing an early-stage HIV infection test.

Simon Fraser University said the test designed by Nicole Ticea is “nearly as simple as a pregnancy test” and could be invaluable in remote parts of the world, particularly Africa.

The development earned Ticea, a student at York House independent school, first place in the B.C. Regional Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada.

Jeremy Nuttall Reports

BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS revolutionizing healthcare with personalized medicine

Imagine a world where every physician will be able to compare, in a keystroke, their diagnosis with the data of thousands of other patients with the same symptoms and demographic and lifestyle makeup. Our access to information today is unprecedented. We have smartphones with us everywhere we go and we can search anything online in a second. In the health care industry however, a comparable access to information doesn’t exist.

Dr. Harvey Chochinov speaks at St. Paul's Hospital during National Palliative Awareness Week

In the video above, Dr. Harvey Chochinov speaks with Providence Health Care Health Professionals at St. Paul's Hospital. Presented by the Palliative Care Program at Providence Health Care and supported by St. Paul's Hospital Foundation in recognition of National Palliative Awareness Week, May 5-10, 2014.

Having HIV and a healthy baby

Julie is expecting her first baby. With less than a month to go before becoming a mother, the South Shore resident is concerned with the usual things: baby names, comfortable sleeping positions and nursery colours. Julie is HIV-positive, and she and her husband are proof that the virus doesn’t have to end the dream of parenthood.

“I am not worried about my baby becoming infected,” she says over the phone, the smile evident in her voice. “I am just excited.”

St. Paul's hospital to host workshop on innovative health apps

Ever wonder how it feels to experience the world as someone with autism? Well, there’s a game that can simulate exactly that.

Auti-Sim, a game currently available for free online, was created by a developer, designer, and early childhood educator in Vancouver. Set in a virtual playground, the game allows users to see and feel what childhood play is like for someone with the hypersensitive hearing that can result from autism.

Addict's Story Highlights Unregulated Recovery Homes, Services

After 20 years of helping others battle their addictions, Mike Pond succumbed to his own.

It was 2008, and he had lost everything to alcoholism: his psychotherapy practice in Kelowna, his wife, his three sons, his house, even his driver's licence.

Dr. Evan Wood from St. Paul's to tackle Vancouver’s addiction puzzle

Vancouver Coastal Health and St. Paul’s Hospital are joining forces to combat Vancouver’s soaring alcohol and drug addiction problem with the appointment of Dr. Evan Wood as the new medical director for addiction services at VCH and physician program director for addiction at Providence Health Care.


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