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Forced measles vaccination not in plans

.C.’s health minister says the government won’t be forcing people to get a measles vaccination despite an outbreak in the Fraser Valley.

Instead, Terry Lake says the government hopes most people heed the advice of health officials and have their children vaccinated to protect other people.

Other provinces have mandatory vaccination policies, but Lake says he’s not sure the B.C. government wants to take that step. There are two confirmed cases of measles and dozens of other suspected cases in a Chilliwack school.

32 cases of norovirus at Seniors Village

Two new cases of norovirus were discovered over the weekend at the Comox Valley Seniors Village, just as management was hoping things were settling down. So far 32 residents have been confirmed sick with the gastro-intestinal illness and close to 20 staff have shown at least some symptoms.

“This is the season unfortunately,” said Rowena Rizzotti, vp operations at Vancouver-based Retirement Concepts, the parent company of the Comox Valley facility. “We're feeling pretty confident we're seeing the end of it.”

Drew Penner Reports

What science does with human brain is subject to great debate

A pregnant woman is suddenly brain-dead: should she be kept alive so her baby can have a chance at life?

Children do poorly in school: should they receive attention-boosting drugs even if not diagnosed with a condition?

Child abuse and neglect have an important impact on brain development: should we re-visit policies around foster care and adoption?

New research shows solitary confinement changes and damages the brain: should society alter its ways of treating hardened criminals?

Vancouver’s Portland Hotel Society gives alcoholics the harm-reduction treatment

Valerie was living on the streets of Vancouver, sleeping in the park with a plastic bag for a blanket.

She was a chronic, homeless alcoholic caught in the soul-crushing cycle of addiction on the city’s notorious Downtown Eastside.

“I was living on the streets and I was drinking Listerine and rubbing alcohol,” Valerie said in a video shot by staff at the Portland Hotel Society, one of five groups across Canada that has decided to extend to chronic alcohol addiction the controversial harm-reduction approach better known for treating heroin addicts.

B.C. gears up for measles after two new Chilliwack cases

With two confirmed cases of measles in B.C.’s Fraser Valley and about 100 other suspected cases, provincial health officials are gearing up for another outbreak of the easily transmitted, highly contagious virus.

The fight began last summer, and by fall appeared to have been successful. But because so many people have been exposed to the two new cases reported in Chilliwack, a community about 100 kilometres east of Vancouver, there are fears the disease will spread quickly in the area, where vaccination rates are low (60 to 70 per cent).

Allan Maki Reports

St. Paul's Doctor one of three winners of Inaugural "Dermatologist from the Heart" Program

La Roche-Posay is excited to announce the first winner of its “Dermatologist from the Heart” program in Canada, launched in partnership with La Fondation La Roche-Posay.

Blood test offers a chance to predict Alzheimer’s

Researchers have developed a new blood test that may be able to tell individuals if they will develop Alzheimer’s disease, years before any symptoms appear.

But with no cure for Alzheimer’s, and with medication of only limited effect, such a predictive test poses a profound question for patients: Is it better to be aware of the approach of an inevitable disease, or to live on in relatively happy ignorance?

Carly Weeks Reports

City hopes Downtown Eastside plan will transform neighbourhood, stabilize low-income community

The City of Vancouver’s ambitious plan for the Downtown Eastside goes to council Wednesday and there are concerns about whether the plan is the right solution for the troubled neighbourhood.

The 300 page plan maps out development in the area east of the downtown core for the next 30 years, while striving to preserve the neighbourhood’s low-income community.


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Measles outbreak hits Chilliwack

Health authorities are sounding the alarm after confirming two cases of measles and identifying at least 100 suspected cases in the east Fraser Valley.

The most recent exposure occurred in a school in Chilliwack in a community with traditionally low immunization rates, said Dr. Victoria Lee, spokeswoman for the Fraser Health Authority.

“We are seeing immunization rates overall declining, and that is dramatically affecting outbreaks.

Denise Ryan reports

HIV 'cure' for babies tested in Canada

At least five Canadian children have been treated with a drug regimen some researchers are suggesting may be a cure for HIV infection in infants, Canadian researchers revealed.

They said some of the children treated in this manner currently show no signs of infection, though they declined to provide specifics. Preliminary data will be presented at a scientific conference in May.

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