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Promise Spring 2014: life-saving care at St. Paul's Hospital's Gastro-Intestinal Clinic

In the video above, Lawyer and former St. Paul's Hospital Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Clinic patient, Marjorie Brown, explains how the care she received by St. Paul's gastroenterologist Dr. Eric Lam changed her life and helped her cope with future challenges.

HIV Cases A Public Health Problem, Not Criminal One: Experts

A group of infectious disease experts is pushing back against Canada's justice system, arguing that non-disclosure of HIV infection to a sexual partner should not be grounds for criminal prosecution.

In a consensus statement presented Friday at the Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research in St. John's, the six HIV experts said the latest scientific evidence shows the risk of sexually transmitting the virus varies from low to zero in many cases.

Death with dignity isn’t about euthanasia, says palliative care expert

Less than a third of the 250,000 Canadians who die each year have access to good palliative care, says Dr. Harvey Chochinov, a Winnipeg-based researcher on end-of-life treatment.

“There have been several special Senate reports on death and dying in Canada and the best estimates we have are that somewhere between 15 and 30 per cent of Canadians near the end of life will have access to quality, comprehensive palliative care, which is a rather shocking disclosure,” Chochinov said in a telephone interview Friday.

St. Paul's Doctor Evan Wood discusses addictions on Global News

Dr. Evan Wood, an expert in addictions medicine, discusses Rob Ford’s admission that he needs help to deal with substance use and what steps he may need to take to make changes in his life.

Click here to watch the video

Mental health-related calls up dramatically for police

Social disorder calls that involve police dealing with people suffering from mental health issues don’t appear in crime statistics, but they’re soaking up more time and resources each year, say Nanaimo RCMP.

Supt. Mark Fisher, the detachment’s commanding officer, said Nanaimo isn’t unique and that the rising trend is taxing community resources to varying degrees across the province.

After $66 Million Spent on 'Talk,' Has BC Reworked Aboriginal Child Welfare?

It's been over six months since B.C.'s child watchdog revealed the province spent roughly $66 million between 2002 and 2013 on “talk” with indigenous family service organizations and governments, rather than concrete services for kids and families.

The sum was in addition to the $90 million the government provides to indigenous organizations to run child and family services every year.

No hospital beds - Public letter

I'm currently in Vancouver at St. Paul's hospital with my 78 year old dad and my 73 year old mother who ended up here for valve replacement on her heart and a vein transplant on her leg.

Dad and I are staying in a nearby hotel and my parents have been here for 28 days. My sisters and I are taking turns helping out because my dad also needs someone around.

Strides being made in fight against MS

Pat and Gerry Wilson remember the phone call they received 11 years ago, informing them that their 24-year-old son was going into a Northern B.C. hospital for steroid treatment after losing sight in his eye.

“He had virtually gone blind,” Gerry said. “He had to receive a three-day treatment in one eye.”

After being referred to St. Paul’s Hospital closer to home in Surrey for further tests, Pat’s maternal instinct kicked in and she knew she had to be there with her son.

“I had this inkling that this was bigger than what we thought it would be,” she recalled.

A prescription for reform needed in health care system

As Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, my role is to inform the public about their information and privacy rights, and bring forward issues and new developments affecting these important rights. Today I am issuing a special report, A Prescription for Legislative Reform, to promote an informed dialogue between patients, health practitioners, researchers and government about the collection and use of personal information in the health care system.

Interview with kidney care physician at St. Paul's Hospital, Dr. Adeera Levin

Meet accomplished kidney care physician, researcher and mentor at St. Paul's Hospital, Dr. Adeera Levin.

To learn how you can support kidney care, research and teaching at St. Paul's Hospital, please contact St. Paul's Hospital Foundation at 604-682-8206 or visit



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