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Court rules to allow patients to continue supervised heroin use from Providence physicians

Entrenched addicts who were prescribed heroin as part of a B.C.-based clinical trial will be able to continue receiving the drug while a larger constitutional challenge is before the courts.

B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson released his decision on Thursday, finding risks associated with severe heroin addiction “will be reduced if [the addicts] receive injectable diacetylmorphine (heroin) treatment from Providence physicians.These potential harms are clearly irreparable in nature.”

Andrea Woo Reports

Top HIV/AIDS researcher Dr. Julio Montaner slams Ottawa for ignoring B.C.'s successful treatment

For Dr. Julio Montaner, this week's closure of the dedicated AIDS ward at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver carried double-edged symbolism.

The director of the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS helped shape the pioneering treatments that have cut AIDS cases so sharply that the ward is no longer necessary. But he remains frustrated that B.C.'s proven strategy, dubbed treatment as prevention, isn't being adopted elsewhere in Canada.

He blames Ottawa for failing to lead the fight against what he considers a national epidemic.

B.C. Supreme Court grants injunction allowing doctors at Providence Crosstown Clinic to prescribe heroin to select addicts

The supervised injection room at Providence Crosstown Clinic, where patients are given prescribed heroin as a means of managing their addictions.

THE B.C. SUPREME Court has granted an injunction that lets doctors give prescription heroin to select patients in Vancouver.

According to a 34-page decision, Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson found that risks faced by the opiate addicts acting as plaintiffs in the case would be reduced if doctors were allowed to administer diacetylmorphine (prescription heroin).

Court ruling on heroin shows the way to sensible drug policy

An interim order Thursday of the B.C. Supreme Court allowing former participants of a medical heroin study to continue to receive the drug from doctors brings sanity to the drug debate and offers a reasonable way forward for drug policy in Canada.

B.C. woman left waiting in agony over bladder treatment referral

A Port Coquitlam woman in severe pain says she wishes she would die, after waiting months to be treated for complications arising from bladder surgery.

Shalini Narayan had a bladder lift procedure at St. Paul's Hospital in January after undergoing a hysterectomy, but was left in constant agony afterwards. 

After being referred to B.C. Women's Hospital pelvic pain clinic, Narayan received a letter last month saying she is not eligible for treatment there because there were complications with the mesh used to lift her bladder.

Dr. Evan Wood of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS joins CBC Radio

A lack of demand has the ward dedicated to HIV/AIDS treatment at St. Paul's Hospital closing. Dr. Evan Wood is with the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Maxine Davis is the Executive Director of the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation.

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St. Paul’s Hospital shuts dedicated AIDS ward

Dr. Julio Montaner, of St. Pauls Hospital, with close-up of cell diagram which new AIDS drug ‘Indinavir,’ which stops the virus from multiplying in the human cell. St. Paul’s Hospital has shut down its dedicated AIDS ward, saying they no longer have enough patients — and the end of AIDS is in sight. Photograph by: Mark van Manen. , VANCOUVER SUN

St. Paul’s Hospital has shut down its dedicated AIDS ward, saying they no longer have enough patients — and the end of AIDS is in sight.

AIDS Diagnosis Different Now Compared To What It Used To Be at St. Paul's Hospital

A diagnosis of AIDS once meant a patient would die - but in just 25 years, that has changed substantially. Today one of B-C's primary AIDS treatment centres officially acknowledged the changes and how it's very different now for those diagnosed. Premier Christy Clark and several leaders in AIDS treatment and research were at St. Paul's Hospital today

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Safeguards in place to protect babies from abduction in Vancouver hospitals

After a baby was stolen from a Quebec maternity ward Monday, many are wondering what systems are in place to ensure something similar doesn’t happen here.

Health authorities have been reluctant to get into too much detail about their security systems, but Vancouver Coastal Health has given a few examples of safeguards their facilities have in place.

St. Paul’s Hospital has locked doors in the maternity area, and nurses can see people wanting to enter on video before granting access.

Martin MacMahon Reports

Special AIDS ward no longer needed at St. Paul's Hospital

A Vancouver hospital ward once so stigmatized it was only referred to by code name is shedding its past thanks to a steady reduction of AIDS cases.

Premier Christy Clark has said Ward 10C at St. Paul’s Hospital will no longer be dedicated to the disease because it’s not needed.

She says the ward is being repurposed from a place where patients went expecting to die to a treatment centre for a chronic, manageable, long-term illness.

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