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Vancouver startup promises to print organs

When a heart transplant is your only chance for survival, much is left up to fate. But imagine if hearts could be made, not simply moved between bodies, with a 3D printer.

That’s the “moon shot” aim of Aspect Biosystems, a UBC-based biotechnology company. “It's not science fiction,” says CEO Konrad Walus, an engineer by training. “People have done this. They've taken all of the cells off of the mechanical part of a heart, and then reseeded new heart cells on there—and it beats.”

Vancouver service providers fail to get ahead of a mental health crisis (Dr. Steve Mathias)

When Lee Johnston arrived in Vancouver at the Greyhound bus station off Main Street, the only place she had to sleep that night was Covenant House at Drake and Seymour.

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation gets new CEO (St. Paul's Hospital Foundation)

The Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation has gone back to school for its next president and CEO.

Opinion: A collective approach to mental health (St. Paul’s Hospital)

A couple of months ago I found myself spending a long sleepless night on a gurney in the St. Paul’s Hospital emergency room.

Hospital ER times reveal some "disturbing" waits

Many Canadians get their first-ever glimpse today of their own hospital’s emergency wait times to see a doctor, and some of the waits are disturbingly high.

More than 40 per cent of the 161 hospitals that submitted data to the Canadian Institute for Health Information for 2012–2013 fell below the suggested three-hour wait time to get assessed by an emergency room physician. 

Guest editorial: Too many drugs can cause harm (Dr. Rita McCracken)

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to prescription drugs. Advances in pharmacology have brought huge benefits in treating and preventing disease and in extending life, but when used improperly or to excess, medications can result in more harm than good.

$120k pilot project to tackle Vancouver’s mental health crisis (Providence Health Care)

In Vancouver, there is no lack of help being offered to people who suffer from mental health and addiction problems. Whether it is city-financed housing referral and management programs, health outcome and advocacy initiatives operated by not-for-profits or even moral support from police who are often called to deal with people when they are off their medications, the safety net for the mentally ill and addicted is spread widely, if still thinly, across the city.

Deceased woman's items stolen from Vancouver hospital (St. Paul’s Hospital)

A Vancouver woman who had her recently deceased sister’s belongings stolen from St. Paul’s Hospital is pleading for the thief to return the items.

Viviane Kolp told 24 Hours on Wednesday she received a call on September 11 in the middle of the night from a nurse at St. Paul’s notifying her of her sister Danielle’s passing. Kolp, a flight attendant, was in Grand Prairie at the time and raced to Vancouver the next day—her sister had been in hospital after two strokes and an aneurysm.

Newly Appointed President of The Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada Launches Natural Line for Rosacea and Sensitive Prone Skin (Dr. Jason Rivers, St. Paul's Hospital)

Riversol Skin Care Solutions Inc. has officially launched Riversol MD, a new dermatologist developed skin care line specifically created to help manage rosacea-prone skin without the use of drugs or harsh chemicals. Coinciding with the launch is the appointment of Riversol founder, Dr. Jason K. Rivers as President of the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada, a new national, non-profit organization led by dermatologists.

Three confirmed Enterovirus cases in BC


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