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St. Paul's hospital to host workshop on innovative health apps

Ever wonder how it feels to experience the world as someone with autism? Well, there’s a game that can simulate exactly that.

Auti-Sim, a game currently available for free online, was created by a developer, designer, and early childhood educator in Vancouver. Set in a virtual playground, the game allows users to see and feel what childhood play is like for someone with the hypersensitive hearing that can result from autism.

Addict's Story Highlights Unregulated Recovery Homes, Services

After 20 years of helping others battle their addictions, Mike Pond succumbed to his own.

It was 2008, and he had lost everything to alcoholism: his psychotherapy practice in Kelowna, his wife, his three sons, his house, even his driver's licence.

Dr. Evan Wood from St. Paul's to tackle Vancouver’s addiction puzzle

Vancouver Coastal Health and St. Paul’s Hospital are joining forces to combat Vancouver’s soaring alcohol and drug addiction problem with the appointment of Dr. Evan Wood as the new medical director for addiction services at VCH and physician program director for addiction at Providence Health Care.

LifeSciences BC award underscores importance of big data

The increasing importance of big data in health care was confirmed recently by LifeSciences BC when it awarded the Emerging Life Sciences Company of the Year award to a supercomputing startup.

Phemi Health Systems Inc. is not a traditional life sciences company. It has developed a big data analysis platform that holds promise for things like personalized medicine and medical research, and which is now being tested by St. Paul’s Hospital.

Website aims to break social stigma around mental illness

Can listening to the personal stories of people with mental illness reduce stigma and increase society's understanding? That's the hope of Raincity Housing, a Downtown Eastside agency that houses and provides support to residents who often battle mental illness and/or substance abuse.

On Monday, the start of Mental Health Week, Raincity launched an interactive website and a series of videos on YouTube in which local people talk about themselves in an effort to reduce the fear around mental illness.

Success of Insite hailed on international Harm Reduction Day

Today is International Harm Reduction Day and advocates in B.C. are celebrating.

Vancouver is home to Insite, the first legal supervised injection site in North America. There is also a second safe injection site in Vancouver, at the Dr. Peter Centre in the west end.

Insite opened in 2003 and its existence has been unsuccessfully challenged several times by the federal Conservative government.

Warning: Child Poverty Is Hazardous to Our Health

The reports come so often that we shrug them off. Over and over, child and youth watchdog Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond tells us the British Columbian government has failed yet again to protect children.

Again and again, B.C. is the province with the most poor families with children. As the political mantra goes, no one cares so it doesn't matter.

We need a harmonized approach to the disclosure of mental-health information

Recent investigations by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner in both Ontario and British Columbia have shed significant light on the troubling practices of some police services in disclosing the mental-health information of Canadians. At the heart of this issue is to whom this most sensitive information is being released, and when.

Daughter fights for dialysis care in Prince Rupert

Jaswinder Bains has vowed to do all she can to get a dialysis facility for Prince Rupert in honour of her late mother.

Her mother Jaswant Kaur Kalar was unable to spend the last months of her life in Prince Rupert because she required hemodialysis every other day after her kidneys failed. Bains hopes by sharing her story she can raise awareness about the need of a centre in Prince Rupert so that people needing treatment can remain in the community with their loved ones.

Asthma 101 with St. Paul's Doctor Del Dorscheid

Dr. Del Dorscheid, head of the St. Paul’s Asthma Clinic, joined CTV’s morning show to discuss asthma.

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