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B.C. family sues funeral home, hospital over mother’s missing body (St. Paul's Hospital)

A brother and sister are suing St. Paul’s Hospital and a North Vancouver funeral home after their mother’s body was moved without their permission and was “missing” for three days.

The misery of measles in a world without vaccines

Dr. Frank Jagdis knows measles. As a medical student in the prevaccination 1960s and later as a practising pediatrician in Victoria, he saw the toll that measles took on children who came down with the viral infection.

VGH doctor first in Canada to use robotic laser to target brain tumours

A neurosurgeon at Vancouver General Hospital has become the first surgeon in Canada to use new robotic laser heat technology to destroy brain tumours and other abnormal growths inside the skull.

VCH forges ahead with new Downtown Eastside health plan

Vancouver Coastal Health is drafting a new strategy for the Downtown Eastside as the neighbourhood crawls out of the health crisis that gripped it for so long.

According to VCH spokeswoman Anna Marie D’Angelo, life expectancy in the area has gone up by 10 years since a public health crisis was declared in 1997.

The improved health outcomes are a result of dramatically reduced cases of new HIV/AIDS infection and hepatitis C in the Downtown Eastside, which once had some of the highest rates of HIV in the industrialized world.

Matt Kieltyka reports

Vancouver siblings sue after mother’s remains go missing (St. Paul's Hospital)

Vancouver-area siblings say their deceased mother went missing from the morgue two years ago, and now they’re suing for the anguish they suffered as a result.

Paramedics union still in the dark over Downtown Vancouver ambulance station plans (St. Paul's Hospital)

Downtown Vancouver will be losing its only ambulance station next week, and the paramedics’ union says they’ve yet to hear the province’s plan for services.

Chronic pain taking a hold on the community (St. Paul's Hospital)

It’s believed that one in five Canadians is bothered by it every day.

B.C.'s $842-million health records project faces delays: NDP (Providence Health Care)

An electronic health records project estimated to cost $842 million faces completion delays and efficiency issues, B.C.'s Opposition New Democrats said Thursday, citing leaked documents.

St. Paul’s telecardiology program gives heart patients health care at home

St. Paul’s Hospital, the leading heart disease centre in B.C., is offering patients outside the Lower Mainland a way to visit a cardiologist without having to travel to Vancouver.

Vancouver to pay $1M to re-open temp housing for people with mental illness (St. Paul's Hospital)

One hundred temporary homes for people with mental illness disappeared from the Bosman Hotel in Downtown South when federal and provincial funding dried up last fall.


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