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Mayor Robertson calls for federal and provincial backing for opioid distribution pilot (BCCSU)

VANCOUVER—Mayor Gregor Robertson made a renewed call Thursday for federal and provincial support to launch an opioid distribution pilot program delivering clean drugs to users as an alternative to the city’s increasingly tainted street supply.

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital eliminates intensive care unit and replaces it with high acuity unit (MSJ)

A Vancouver community hospital no longer provides long-term mechanical ventilation for patients who require this service, including those suffering respiratory failure as a component of a chronic critical illness.

The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn (Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan)

Heart failure symposium, C'mon Angie play, Thom Ernst, BCTF President Glen Hansman on provincial grievance, Strathcona fire update, Great Wide Open, trade tariffs, A Grand Day Out at the Landfill

Scott Elliott: People with HIV are living longer, which brings a whole new set of problems

Twenty-five years ago, when Dr. Peter Jepson-Young made the “Dr. Peter Diaries” documenting his experience living with AIDS, the idea of people with HIV aging into their senior years would have been unthinkable.

Young Langley man’s life revolves around dialysis (SPH)

Paul Chung would love to blast out tunes on his saxophone or play sports, but he can’t risk working up a sweat because it could cause a problem with the medical port he must wear to receive dialysis treatments.

JC Medical touts first-in-human use of transfemoral J-Valve TAVI (SPH)

JC Medical today announced the first clinical procedure using its transfemoral J-Valve TF transcatheter aortic valve implant system designed to treat aortic regurgitation.

Marijuana legalization comes one step closer as Senate committee adds amendments to Bill C-45 (BCCSU)

A Senate committee has passed more than two dozen amendments to the federal government’s cannabis legalization bill, including one that would allow provinces and territories to ban home-grown marijuana.

B.C. launches mental health program to support 2017 wildfire victims

The B.C. government in collaboration with several partners has announced a new program to provide mental health supports for those impacted by last year's record-breaking wildfire season.

B.C. to spend $181M to create 200 general practitioner jobs

The province will spend $181 million to recruit 200 medical resident grads into general practitioner jobs over three years, Health Minister Adrian announced in Vancouver Sunday.

As artists are being pushed out of the city, a new space opens in the Downtown Eastside (VCH)

VANCOUVER—While many members of the Vancouver arts community are being pushed out of their spaces, a new performing arts facility has opened in the historic Woodward's building in the Downtown Eastside.


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