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HIV strains mutating in Saskatchewan (BC-CfE)

Strains of the HIV virus have mutated in Saskatchewan, placing individuals who contract HIV in the province in danger of quickly progressing to life-threatening, AIDS-defining illnesses if they are not taking HIV antiretroviral therapy.

New HIV strains in Saskatchewan lead to faster progression of illness (BC-CfE)

Mutated strains of HIV circulating in Saskatchewan are leading to faster-developing AIDS-related illnesses in the Indigenous population, new research has shown.

Study finds mutated strains of HIV in Saskatchewan causing quicker illness (BC-CfE)

Research suggests mutated strains of HIV circulating in Saskatchewan are leading to faster-developing AIDS-related illnesses among Indigenous people.

‘Explains a lot:’ Saskatchewan AIDS workers react to mutation study (BC-CFE)

A study released Thursday morning in Amsterdam on HIV/AIDS in Saskatchewan is finally providing an explanation to front-line workers on what has been happening to patients in recent years.

Recovery Coalition Launches to Treat Addiction in BC (BCCSU)

A new organization has been established to help in the fight to curb the opioid overdose crisis. The Addiction Care Clinics of BC will represent the dozens of non-government clinics that currently provide addiction treatment in over 30 communities throughout the province, with a strong focus on recovery.

Homeless set up camp at Gibsons works yard (VCH)

The Town of Gibsons says it’s working with local agencies to help a group of homeless people who’ve been camping at the public works yard at 722 School Road.

425-ft-tall tower proposed for community garden at Davie and Burrard corner (SPH)

The community garden on the former gas station site at the northwest corner of the intersection of Burrard Street and Davie Street in downtown Vancouver was never meant to last forever.

Local praise for report detailing addictions recovery strategies (BCCSU)

A recent report by the BC Centre on Substance Use outlines strategies for strengthening recovery from addictions and reducing the stigma faced by those entering that process. 

Family criticizes missing persons policy at Vancouver care facility (VCH)

A Lower Mainland family is outraged at a care facility in Vancouver.

New UBC professorship to look at pot’s potential in easing the opioid crisis (Dr. Evan Wood & BCCSU)

UBC is creating Canada’s first professorship of cannabis science to investigate the role that marijuana-based research could play in mitigating the opioid crisis and other addictive disorders.


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