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Expert says political courage needed to open safe injection sites in Manitoba (BC-CfE & BCCSU)

WINNIPEG — One of the country's leading experts says Manitoba needs to find the political will to bring in safe injection sites.

Panel to ponder three options for arterial road and overpass through False Creek Flats (SPH)

The process of picking a route for the new arterial road and overpass through the False Creek Flats will begin this summer.

Year of the Queer: Coun. Tim Stevenson was political catalyst for B.C.'s globally admired life-saving HIV treatment (SPH & BC-CfE)

Vancouver city councillor Tim Stevenson will be in the spotlight on Wednesday (May 23) when the City of Vancouver raises flags at Vancouver City Hall to designate this as the Year of the Queer.

The good and bad of sugar (Dr. Scott Lear)

SFU professor and cardiovascular prevention researcher at St. Paul’s Hospital explains his personal battle with heart disease. He looks at the good and the bad of sugar.

Near-zero vacancy rate has disabled B.C. senior facing homelessness (SPH)

Kieris O’Neill is staring homelessness in the face.

Public and private sector collaborate to fight urban diabetes (Dr. Scott Lear)

Diabetes is one of the most significant chronic diseases facing modern society, and despite progress being made in treating it, projections for diabetes in urban areas in particular is on the rise.

March saw the second-highest total of suspected overdose deaths, B.C. Coroners Service (VCH)

The B.C. Coroners Service released statistics for March which show a near-record number of suspected overdose deaths in the province.

Vancouver business association lends support to fighting opioid crisis (VCH)

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association announced Thursday afternoon that they will officially support the establishment of supervised consumption sites in the downtown core.

The Heart Disease Time Bomb (Save BC)

Early-onset heart disease, is especially dangerous for women. But as Tom Walsh reports, with proper screening, there may be hope to delay or decrease the diagnosis.

Doctors warn we’re losing the battle against heart disease (Save BC)

Doctors say despite decades of public education, we’re still not getting message of maintaining heart health, and many people are “walking time bombs.” Aaron McArthur reports.


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