Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Feast of Fortune Fundraiser announced at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital (article is in Chinese)

【明報專訊】由錦繡人生醫護基金會主辦的「福臨善心人」慈善籌款晚宴將於明年2月6日在溫市舉行,冀為聖若瑟醫院(Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)急症室籌款80萬元,添置一批急需的緊急救護儀器。


People don’t choose to be sick (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

No hospital can stay in business if people stop getting sick or injured. All of the health care providers – including doctors, nurses, lab technicians and support staff – would be out of work. There would be a huge stampede towards Service Canada to apply for unemployment benefits.

East Van hospital's ER gear outdated (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

Insufficient equipment at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital has prompted a hospital foundation to try to raise $800,000 so patients in the emergency room can have proper vital sign monitors and diagnostic equipment that doesn’t interfere with resuscitation efforts.

Refugees who fled Vietnam in the ’70s band together to help Syrians (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

The three Vietnamese men, all in their 60s, meet for dinner twice a year. One recent evening in Burnaby, they discussed the news coming out of Syria: rickety boats, desperate people fleeing a war zone and bodies washing up on distant beaches.

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital coverage

Representatives of a number of Chinese community groups and NDP MLA Jenny Kwan called on the government to provide funding to upgrade Mount St. Joseph Hospital.

Vancouver Hospital’s future cast in doubt (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

While the closure of St. Paul’s Hospital making way for a $1.2 billion new one further away is welcome news for some, it’s raising eyebrows over the future of Mount St. Joseph’s.

Closure of St. Paul’s Hospital raises questions of shutdown of Mount Saint Joseph

Will Mount St. Joseph Hospital be closing? Some believe a new St. Paul’s raises questions about the aging hospital in East Vancouver.

Future of Mount Saint Joseph Hospital questioned

With the relocation of Saint Paul’s hospital now confirmed, the NDP is wondering what will become of Mount Saint Joseph’s hospital in Vancouver.

Her own riding will be the new home of St Paul’s, but Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA Jenny Kwan is worried about Mount Saint Joseph’s says Chinese-Canadians rely on the facility.

“Can the minister of health confirm that Mt St Joseph will not be closed as a result of the announcement of the rebuilding of St Paul’s?”

Sean Leslie reports

Fred Lee's Social Network: Feb. 15 (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

The A-list arrived en masse at the Hyatt Regency Hotel for Mount Saint Joseph Hospital’s Feast of Fortune Gala.

Fred UnLEEshed: Feb. 13, 2015 (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital ushered in the Year of the Sheep in grand style.


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