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St. Paul's Doctor Adeera Levin receives 2014 Kidney Foundation of Canada Medal for Research Excellence

ISN would like to congratulate ISN President Elect Adeera Levin for receiving the 2014 Kidney Foundation of Canada Medal for Research Excellence. CLICK HERE to read the full press release.

A nephrologist and researcher at St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care, and the University of British Columbia, she is the first British Columbia researcher to receive this award.

Liberal Party promises to renovate the facility for patients' family at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Kim Jee Chan Logan, Liberal Party candidate for Vancouver-Kensington, announced on Tuesday the Liberal Party has the plan to renovate the facility for patients' attending family members at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital.

Opinion: Understanding life stories can lead to better health care

We’re all familiar with Aesop’s boy who cried wolf: After repeatedly and falsely telling nearby villagers he saw a wolf, the wild dog finally appears. But having been fooled one too many times, the villagers refuse to respond, and the boy meets his ignominious end.

Fred Lee’s Social Network: Feasts of fun, fortune provided through hockey, horses, hospitals (Scotiabank Feast of Fortune)

On a typical day, more than 60 patients undergo an operation or procedure at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital in Vancouver.

Town Talk: City hospitals raise $3.76 million at two galas (Scotiabank Feast of Fortune)

While the Lunar New Year dumped white stuff on the Hyatt Regency Hotel, some $880,000-worth of green stuff piled up inside. That was when Margaret Chiu and Heather Pei Huang co-chaired the Scotiabank Feast of Fortune gala to fund specialized equipment for Mount Saint Joseph Hospital’s 60-a-day surgeries. The tally reportedly raised the fundraiser’s 10-year total to $4.7-million.

When the health reform cure is worse than the disease

Major decisions about how Canada’s health-care system operates could be decided by our courts - not democratically elected parliamentarians.

Fred UnLEEshed: Feb. 10, 2016

More than 800 people ushered in the Year of the Monkey at the Tapestry Foundation’s signature Feast of Fortune fundraiser, held at the Westin Bayshore Hotel. 

Chinese New Year's Feast Raises Funds for Local Hospital (Feast of Fortune)

The Scotia Feast of Fortune is a Chinese New Year celebration that focuses on fine dining and raising funds for priority equipment at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital.

A celebration of Chinese cuisine (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

The number eight is considered highly auspicious in Chinese culture. That’s because the spoken word for ‘eight’ (baat) sounds like the word meaning ‘good fortune,’ and 2016 marks lucky year eight for the Chinese Restaurant Awards (CRA). Through seven years, more than 130,000 votes cast, innumerable dishes devoured and judged; the CRA has raised awareness of the excellent Chinese cuisine available in Metro Vancouver and celebrates its important influence on Vancouver’s much-lauded dining scene.

Doctor calls the portable tool 'essential to our care for patients' (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

A Vancouver hospital is asking the community to help it raise $800,000 for its emergency department.



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