Mental Health

B.C.’s health minister announces funding to prevent suicide

B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake says the government will give $3 million to the B.C. chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Mental health-related hospital visits dropping: report (St. Paul's Hospital)

A partnership between Vancouver police and Vancouver Coastal Health has resulted in fewer mental health patients requiring emergency health and police services.

New book captures voice of woman who died of eating disorders (Dr. Julia Raudzus)

Michelle Stewart died of complications from anorexia and bulimia at age 49. She kept a blog of her thoughts until she died. Her loves ones have published a book of that blog to start a conversation.

Psychiatrists fear role as 'suicide enablers' (Dr. Romayne Gallagher)

After practising for generations to prevent suicide, psychiatrists across Canada could soon be asked to help some people kill themselves - thrusting the profession into what some of its members are calling the untenable role of “suicide enablers.”

Psychedelics Promising for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, and PTSD (Dr. Evan Wood)

The studies, which explored the possibility of a connection between mental health problems and psychedelic drug use, found that there is no link between psychedelics and mental health conditions such as psychosis.

Let's talk about drugs (Dr. Evan Wood)

From marijuana’s potential benefits for HIV patients to MDMA and LSD’s healing potential for people suffering from PTSD, depression and other psychological disorders UBC scientists are doing more and more research pointing into the world of illicit drugs.

Interest in therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs on the rise, says research review (Dr. Evan Wood)

Research in Vancouver on psychedelic drugs as a possible treatment for mental illness is part of a worldwide renaissance of the formerly sidelined area.

Psychedelic drugs might help treat mental health disorders study says (Dr. Evan Wood)

LSD, magic mushrooms and ecstasy are well known street drugs not usually associated with medical treatment.

Could these psychedelic drugs be making the trip to a B.C. doctor's office near you? (Dr. Evan Wood)

A trip to the doctor’s office could someday mean a trip inside the doctor’s office, if researchers calling for further study into the use of psychedelics for treating illness get their way.

Experts call for study of possible therapeutic uses of psychedelic drugs (Dr. Evan Wood)

A group of medical researchers is calling for further study into how those with mental illnesses and addictions could benefit from psychedelic drugs such as acid and MDMA, which they say could one day be combined with psychotherapy and counselling to replace daily doses of widely abused pharmaceuticals.



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