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Spring/Summer 2013 Promise magazine

Read about how St. Paul’s Hospital is working towards revolutionizing the treatment of mental health issues, just as it did for HIV/AIDS care three decades ago.

St. Paul’s Hospital aims to “Change the Labels” of mental illness

The Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital is launching a campaign, called Change the Labels, to challenge the stigma associated with mental illness and help patients and their families access the resources they need.

Providence Leadership Award Winner

Dr. Stephen Fitzpatrick, head, Division of Outpatient and Consultation Liasion Psychiatry is the award recipient of the 2013 PHC Meuser Memorial Leadership Award.

Providence Mission Award Winner

Dr. Maria Corral Head of Psychiatry - Mission Award for Acute Care 2013

Dr. Maria Corral, head of Psychiatry is the award recipient of the 2013 PHC Mission Award for Acute Care

Life Lessons: Jennifer Duff

Jennifer Duff was just 33 when she was hired as director of mental health at Providence Health Care. She was promoted to the position after managing several nursing units at St. Paul's Hospital. She soon learned that making decisions at the director level also requires taking on a new level of responsibility.

City woman overcomes eating disorders

Offering hope: Amy Candido overcame two eating disorders and went on to help others recover. She now works with the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre at BC Children’s Hospital. It started in junior high, when she decided to become a vegetarian. Nothing to send up any red flags, since many people cut meat from their diet out of a concern for animal welfare; but for Amy Candido, it was the first step on a slippery slope to an eating disorder that would completely take over her life.

Silver Wheaton donates $1.6-million to help St. Paul’s Hospital expand its youth mental health outreach program to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

VANCOUVER, BC – Today, Silver Wheaton Corp. announced that it is donating $1.6-million to St. Paul’s Hospital to address an urgent need for mental health services for at-risk youth.

The donation will enable St. Paul’s Inner City Youth Mental Health Program (ICYMHP) to expand its services to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, providing intensive support to 40 youth per year and expand access to mental health services for dozens more. Since 2007, the outreach program has delivered mental health and psychiatric outreach services to homeless youth at agencies in other areas of Vancouver.

Meet Eusi — A Client at Alder

Eusi was one of the first to move into Alder, a 20-bed specialized neuropsychiatry unit located at St. Vincent’s: Langara, in May 2011, after the Riverview Hospital unit he lived in for the last 8 years closed.

Vancouver Psychiatrist Conducts Field Trips to Speak with Patients

The psychiatrist sees right away that there is reason to be concerned for the young occupant of a tiny, eastside SRO. Dirty clothes and used needles litter its 100 square feet and the pungent smell of human waste wafts through the doorway.


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