Mental Health

Vancouver police chief Jim Chu says his retirement will leave work unfinished on mental health (St. Paul's Hospital)

Jim Chu began his term as Vancouver’s chief of police the morning after an animator named Paul Boyd attacked two officers and was subsequently shot and killed in the street.

2014 saw Vancouver hospitals hit a six-year high for emergency mental health visits (St. Paul's Hospital)

In 2014, Vancouver emergency departments recorded an increase in the number of people experiencing a mental health crisis for the fifth year in a row.

Is it time to put eating disorders on the agenda? (St. Paul's Hospital)

Weighing a childlike 80 pounds as a law student, Angela Rinaldis wrote her final exams in a fog.

Video: Conversations that Matter — Police Chief Jim Chu discusses DTES mental health, addiction and homelessness (St. Paul's Hospital)

This week, Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu discusses mental health, addiction and homelessness.

Service providers warn despite provincial efforts, mental health care stuck in crisis mode (St. Paul's Hospital)

At the end of an eventful year for mental health care in Vancouver, stakeholders say more should be done to address problems before they reach a crisis point.

Plans to reopen Riverview create hope for Downtown Eastside (St. Paul's Hospital)

The B.C. government has plans to reopen parts of the old Riverview Hospital to increase mental health services for the province.

Some mental health services to return to Riverview hospital, minister says (Dr. Michael Krausz, Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences)

New mental health services will be part of a re-imagined government plan for the old Riverview mental hospital next year, says B.C.’s housing minister.

Shelter from the storm (Dr. Anita Palepu, Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences)

After a day of heavy rainfall, the Downtown Eastside is strangely deserted.

Vancouver man charged in random hammer attacks (St. Paul's Hospital)

A 27-year-old man has been charged in connection to a couple of random hammer attacks that sent two men to hospital with serious injuries on Sunday night.

Residents raise the alarm over youth recovery house opening in East Vancouver neighbourhood (Providence Health Care)

Renfrew Heights residents says they are outraged about a plan to put a recovery house in their quiet neighbourhood.


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