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Health researchers question VPD’s claim Vancouver is experiencing a mental-health "crisis" (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

Two prominent health researchers have published a report that concludes the Vancouver Police Department is unfairly linking mental illness to violent crime, thus exaggerating the need for “greater police control over those with mental health challenges”.

Vancouver to pay $1M to re-open temp housing for people with mental illness (St. Paul's Hospital)

One hundred temporary homes for people with mental illness disappeared from the Bosman Hotel in Downtown South when federal and provincial funding dried up last fall.

Vancouver council approves $1 million for 100 supportive-housing units at Bosman Hotel (St. Paul's Hospital)

Vancouver city council has approved a $1-million grant for interim below-market housing and support services at the Bosman Hotel at 1060 Howe Street.

Vancouver non-profit is in the mood for success (Jennifer Duff, St. Paul's Hospital)

When Martin Addison’s budget was slashed by 18 per cent last year, the non-profit executive director knew it was time to turn entrepreneurial.

PHC’s Eating Disorders Program’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee: A journey to real change

Patient centred care is a priority for Providence Health Care, but what does involving patients and families in the planning, delivery and evaluation of programming and care look like in reality? For PHC’s Eating Disorders Program and its Patient and Family Advisory Committee, it’s been about new insights and new inroads into making patients real partners in care, resulting in implementation of positive changes in care.

Provincial Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Dr. Julia Raudzus, St. Paul's Hospital)

Provincial Eating Disorder Awareness Week is taking place here in BC and across the country.

B.C. woman starts crowdfunding campaign to receive eating disorder treatment (St. Paul's Hospital)

A 21-year-old B.C. woman is pleading to receive treatment for her severe battle with anorexia.

Jennifer Doucette, Prince George woman, crowdfunding for anorexia treatment (Dr. Julia Raudzus, St. Paul's Hospital)

Mother-of-two Jennifer Doucette of Prince George, B.C., is crowdfunding to get herself treated for anorexia at a private clinic in Manitoba.

Corporate donation means VGH mental health facility can be built (St. Paul's Hospital)

The total capital cost for a new mental health facility at Vancouver General Hospital is now fully funded, bringing what will be B.C.’s largest such facility one step closer to reality.

January 26, 2015 — CBC On The Coast (Dr. Bill MacEwan)

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