Trudeau marks World AIDS Day, says fight against HIV can be won

The government plans on spending $3.5 million more on AIDS research, Health Minister Jane Philpott says.

UBC research helping to improve HIV treatment around the world (Dr. David Moore)

If you see red ribbons around campus next week, don’t mistake them for early Christmas decorations. Chances are they were put up to raise awareness for World AIDS Day which has been held on December 1 since 1988. 

Dr. Julio Montaner on the war against AIDS

Dr. Montaner, who pioneered the AIDS cocktail, says people with HIV still face stigma and persecution, even in Canada.

These medical students want to give PrEP to all the wrong people (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Medical students in the US are less willing to prescribe PrEP to men who are at highest risk for HIV infection, according to a recent study.

People who maintain an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV says BC's Julio Montaner

I was recently present at McGill University in Montreal to hear Dr Julio Montaner speak about Treatment as Prevention (TasP). 

No 'patient zero' in HIV epidemic, new research finds (Richard Harrigan, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

At the height of the AIDS epidemic sweeping across North America, a 1987 New York Post headline screamed: “The Man Who Gave Us AIDS.”

Treating Social Determinants Of Health Can Help End HIV/AIDS (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Picture this scenario: An individual living with HIV in British Columbia, “Doug” (whose name has been changed for privacy), was being “shuffled around” through care. As a result, he had grown tired and had mostly given up on treating his HIV. Sadly, he had begun telling family and friends that he wouldn't be around much longer. Can you see a solution to a situation like this?

B.C. aims to improve addiction treatment (Dr. Evan Wood)

Finding the best addiction treatment in B.C. is notoriously difficult because there’s no single system to navigate, says the doctor at the helm of a newly announced research centre.

“The medical side of addiction treatment isn’t well established,” says Dr. Evan Wood, who was named interim head of the new research centre by Premier Christy Clark on Sept. 28.

Mental illness rates high among hard-to-reach people with HIV/AIDS in B.C.: Study (BC CfE - Dr. Robert Hogg)

Addressing the underlying mental health issues of harder-to-reach people with HIV/AIDS is important for treatment, a British Columbia researcher says.

Premier says B.C. to spend additional $10 million in battle against overdoses (Dr. Evan Wood)

VICTORIA — British Columbia will create a centre to research drug addiction and provide education and guidance to health-care providers, but more must be done to battle an illicit-drug overdose crisis, the premier says.


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