Advocates say Vancouver's harm reduction push has left out crack users (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

Down the hall from the supervised injection room at Insite, there’s a mostly unused space that years ago was haphazardly filled with boxes.

Unique for a storage space, it’s outfitted to accommodate heavy air-handling units powerful enough to create negative room pressure.

Vancouver's addiction ambitions, revisited (Dr. Thomas Kerr, Dr. Evan Wood)

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, drug policy pulsed at the heart of Vancouver's municipal politics. In 2002, Larry Campbell, the former RCMP officer turned chief coroner, carried his newly adopted COPE party into city hall by campaigning on a harm reduction platform. These ideas—clean needle distribution, supervised injection sites, and methadone—were presented as pragmatic solutions to the harms associated with drug use.

UN adopts BC doctor’s HIV strategy (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Health Headlines, Sept. 29 – Oct. 3

Sep. 29 – The United Nations has formally adopted the HIV strategy of Vancouver doctor Dr. Julio Montaner.

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The 90-90-90 solution to AIDS pandemic

The AIDS world is dealing with something unprecedented: good news.

Bear in mind that good is a relative term, especially when dealing with the worst pandemic in human history. But the data are still noteworthy:

AIDS 2014: Julio Montaner on the proposed 90-90-90 strategy to help end HIV

IFARA spoke with Julio Montaner, M.D., the director of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, about HIV treatment advocacy and the proposed 90-90-90 HIV strategy. Now that the 15 by 2015 campaign's health care targets are almost upon us, advocates have proposed that the United Nations adopt new goals: By 2020, 90% of HIV-affected people globally should have been tested, 90% of those infected should be receiving the best possible, sustained treatment, and 90% of those on treatment should be long-term virally suppressed.

How Julio Montaner set the standard for AIDS treatment

Julio Montaner’s medical breakthroughs have helped save millions of lives. Many were inspired by one simple piece of advice from his father.

Dr. Montaner’s dad was a noted pulmonary specialist and expert on tuberculosis, which was a problem in their native Argentina. Julio Gonzalez Montaner told his son to treat the stubborn respiratory disease with a combination of drugs—one alone was not enough.

Sharad talks to Bob Rai of

Starting this month, pharmacists at two Vancouver Medicine Shoppe pharmacies, located at 2030 Kingsway Avenue and 6180 Fraser Street, will offer customers a rapid HIV test. Customers will know their test results on the spot in less than five minutes. During a year-long pilot, pharmacists trained by HIV nurses from Providence Health Care and Vancouver Coastal Health will offer customers an optional HIV test for free. Each pharmacy is located next to a Pacific Medical Walk-in Clinic where doctors will provide support to patients and link them to care and treatment, if required.

Pride 2014: Bradford McIntyre proudly declares his HIV status to encourage others to get tested

At this year's Vancouver Pride celebrations, Bradford McIntyre marked another milestone in his remarkable life.

The long-term HIV survivor changed the sign he carried in the 2004 parade to reflect that he's still here 30 years since being infected with the retrovirus.

A decade ago, the sign said “20 years.”

“I'm in shock that I'm still alive and still here and still doing this,” McIntyre told the Georgia Straight shortly before the parade began.

Two Vancouver pharmacies to offer free HIV tests as part of pilot project

Two Vancouver pharmacies will soon offer on-the-spot HIV tests as part of a year-long pilot project which is the first of its kind in Canada.

Specially trained pharmacists at two Medicine Shoppe pharmacies—located at 2030 Kingsway Avenue and 6180 Fraser Street—will offer a test that takes only five minutes, the health authority said Tuesday.

Each pharmacy is located next to a Pacific Medical Walk-in Clinic where doctors can provide support to patients and link them to care and treatment.

BC pioneers pharmacist-administered HIV testing in pilot program

The number of diagnosed HIV cases in Canada has been falling steadily in the last five years, thanks to greater public awareness, but there's a nagging concern that not everyone who should have an HIV test is getting one.

That concern has led authorities in British Columbia to launch an innovative pilot program allowing people to visit a pharmacist for a quick, reliable HIV test rather than see their doctor or wait at a clinic.


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