Dr. Gordon Francis joins Global News during Men's Health Week

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is encouraging men to live healthier lives and Elaine Yong explains how two potential health conditions are good incentives for change

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Providence Health Care researchers make breakthrough in study of heart disease

Dr. Gordon Francis and Dr. Sima Allahverdian, two of the five co-authors on the new study in the journal Circulation.

St. Paul’s Hospital scientists discover smooth muscle cells may play a role in heart disease. Thirty two B.C. heart transplant patients, ranging in age from 24 to 78, gave the scientists permission to dissect their extracted, diseased hearts, which enabled them to make some important discoveries about how and where fatty deposits (cholesterol) accumulate in heart vessel walls. Read full story here.

St. Paul's Hospital cholesterol registry spawns national initiative

Dr. Jiri Frohlich (left), director of healthy heart clinical trials at St. Paul’s Hospital, discusses the potential for a national hypercholesterolemia registry with Dr. Jacques Genest, Scientific Director of the Centre for Innovative Medicine at the McGill University Health Centre.

Friday, December 13, 2013, Vancouver, BCA St. Paul’s Hospital registry for patients genetically predisposed to dangerously high levels of cholesterol – a first of its kind in North America – is spreading across the country.  Doctors in Montreal are studying the BC initiative with the aim of implementing their own registry in the spring of 2014.

New program treats people with inherited heart rhythm conditions to prevent sudden death

November 22, 2013, Vancouver, BC – A new heart program in British Columbia will improve the overall care of families living with an inherited heart rhythm condition.

Subtle Heart Attack Symptoms

A St. Paul’s Hospital researcher is warning women that relying on traditional heart attack symptom can lead to a dangerous misdiagnoses. Today’s News Hour on Global BC Health Headlines brought to you by Pharmasave.

Rare double transplant performed at St. Paul's Hospital

Doctors at St. Paul's Hospital performed a rare heart and kidney on the same patient, with both organs coming from a single donor.

Doctors at St. Paul's Hospital performed a rare heart and kidney transplant on the same patient, with both organs coming from a single donor.

Heart pumps work as 'bridge to transplant'

To support a failing heart, there are two general types of ventricular assist devices, long-term and short-term. Two cardiac surgeons - along with four other cardiologists - at St. Paul's Hospital perform all implantations of long-term devices in the province, under the B.C. Acute Heart Failure Program.

TAVR-Associated Aortic Root Rupture Hazardous but Predictable

Aortic root rupture that occurs during transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) using balloon-expandable prostheses carries a heightened risk of in-hospital adverse events but can be predicted by anatomic and procedural factors. The findings, from a small multicenter study, were published online June 7, 2013, ahead of print in Circulation.

Great Strides Walk for CF is on for May 26

Cassandra McInnes begins and ends every day by doing several hours of demanding physical and inhalation therapy to help clear her lungs and airways of the tenacious secretions that can make breathing difficult. As well, she takes many different medications to help her digest her food and improve her nutritional status. It is essential that she include daily exercise in her regime and dances, walks her dogs and has recently taken up horseback riding.

St. Paul's Hospital performs unprecedented number of mechanical heart implants

St. Paul’s Hospital has implanted more than 100 Ventricular Assist Devices. The remarkable technology has offered life to patients who otherwise would have died. 


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