Oxygen damaging to heart attack victims: study (Dr. Dion Stub)

The century-old practice of giving oxygen to heart attack patients may do more harm than good, suggests new international research led by a Vancouver-based cardiologist.

Oxygen may not help heart attack victims (Dr. Dion Stub)

Strapping an oxygen mask to someone suffering a heart attack might make their heart attack worse, new research suggests.

3D printers help researchers test new drugs’ impact on organs more efficiently

Imagine being able to eliminate the need for organ donors or finding a more accurate way to test new drugs.

Squamish nun breathes easier after aortic valve replaced while she's wide-awake (St. Paul's Hospital)

Sister Theresa Stickley felt exhausted and out of breath as she walked the halls of the Queen of Peace Monastery in Squamish.

Cutting edge valve replacement (St. Paul's Hospital)

An 83-year-old woman's heart valve replacement only took 30 minutes Monday, and she was awake the whole time.

Some psychiatric drugs triple the risk of stroke: study (Dr. Stephen Fitzpatrick)

Medications used to treat major mental illnesses double the risk of heart attack and triple the risk of stroke, according to research presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver this weekend.

October 27, 2014 (St. Paul's Hospital)

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Sister Theresa Stickley awake during her livestreamed heart surgery (St. Paul's Hospital)

Less than an hour after having heart surgery on Monday, Sister Theresa Stickley was alert and in high spirits, and was looking forward to going home the next day.

Vancouver heart procedure set for international trial (St. Paul's Hospital)

A heart procedure pioneered at Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital could allow people to avoid open-heart surgery and massively cut down on recovery times.

Exercise can help patients recovering from heart failure (Mary Mackenzie)

You would think that recovering from a heart transplant would involve plenty of rest, but researchers at St. Paul’s Hospital are finding the opposite is true.


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