Vancouver doctor performs three heart transplants in 24 hours (Dr. Anson Cheung)

As a surgeon, Dr. Anson Cheung is used to putting in long hours in the operating room at St. Paul’s Hospital, performing life-saving surgery on critically-ill patients.

Vancouver medical researchers make heart-pounding breakthrough (Dr. Zachary Laksman)

Anyone suffering from heart arrhythmia won’t be in pain for much longer, thanks to a team of doctors at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

Stem cells used in quest for new heart medications (Dr. Zachary Laksman)

By targeting your own specific stem cells, researchers aim to provide tailored treatments for individual atrial fibrillation patients.

Listen to Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan on BC Almanac

Nursing specialists advance heart disease research and care

Canada’s largest congregation of cardiovascular and allied health professionals have convened in Vancouver to network, collaborate and to learn from the best in the field. Providence Health Care’s St. Paul’s Hospital is pleased to be at the heart of this excitement, and wishes to recognize two outstanding cardiac nursing researchers who have made a profound difference on the care and recovery of heart disease patients in Vancouver.

Seeing Is Believing: Experts Predict an Expanded Role for Cardiac CT in Structural Interventions (Dr. Jonathon Leipsic)

Multiple roles for cardiac CT have become ingrained in the everyday practice of structural interventionalists, but still more are emerging as the field evolves, according to cardiac imaging specialists gathered here at the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Dr. Stuart Kreisman comments on the Tobacco industry on CBC's Early Edition

Dr. Stuart Kreisman comments on the Tobacco industry on CBC's Early Edition

Letters: Early diagnosis may prevent unexplained sudden death (Dr. Andrew Krahn, Dr. Zachary Laksman, and Kirsten Bartels)

Recent media reports of otherwise healthy young people dying suddenly and inexplicably prompt painful questions about how or whether these deaths could have been prevented. A coroner’s investigation takes time and may not always identify the cause of death, leaving families without closure.

Stroke prevention therapy (Dr. Marc Deyell)

St. Paul's Hospital Cardiologist Dr. Marc Deyell was interviewed by Global News on a new stroke prevention therapy.

Heart and Stroke Foundation makes half-million dollar donation to indigenous heart health

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is putting up half a million dollars to support research into indigenous heart health.


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