Residential Care

Providence Health Care provides residential care and assisted living in six locations for approximately 750 elders.


Our residents require a broad range of medical and personal assistance to cope with the activities of daily living. For specific information about our residential care and assisted living facilities click on the sites listed below:

Eden Alternative

Providence Health Care’s residential care homes have adopted the Eden Alternative as the guiding philosophy of care. The Eden philosophy is based on 10 principles that provide guidance to staff about how we can help elders continue living meaningful lives when they become too frail to live independently. The philosophy helps us keep a daily focus on reducing the feelings of loneliness, helplessness and boredom we know are often experienced by elders living in care homes. For more information visit our Eden AlternativeEden Philosophy page or consult any staff member wearing an Eden pin.



For more information about working at Providence Health Care and for current employment opportunities, please visit our Careers site.

Residential Care for Me

Residential Care for Me is an innovation and improvement project happening at all five Providence Health Care residential care sites. Led by the site and program leaders of residential care at PHC and supported by the PHC’s Research & Design team, Residential Care for Me strives to understand what happens in residential care by piecing together the individual experiences of people who live, work and visit our sites. Learn more about it here.