Research Stories

New heroin treatment could save lives and money, Vancouver study says (Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences)

For those with severe addictions to opioids, methadone has become the go-to treatment option. But a new treatment option, injectable hydromorphone, could be the key to reducing mortality and save costs for society, according to a Vancouver study published in journal Addiction this week.

Genes play role in peanut allergies, study suggests (Dr. Denise Daley)

New research is providing more evidence that genetics play a role in the development of peanut and other food allergies.

Peanut allergy gene discovery could lead to early diagnosis (Dr. Denise Daley)

Canadian researchers have identified a gene associated with allergy to peanuts that could prove to be a useful target for predicting and treating food allergies.

Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital research team makes medical breakthrough

A team at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver has discovered a new test to diagnose a rare disease, known only as IGG-4RD.

St. Paul's Hospital researchers, physicians, leaders and staff recognized during BC Legislature

 In the late 1880s, the Sisters of Providence arrived in Vancouver after hearing of needs in this burgeoning coastal city. When they arrived, they made a plan to meet the needs of people by building a 25-bed hospital. Their mandate, which still lives on, is about seeing suffering, feeling compassion and meeting needs. It's about the people.

Drug-related mortality rates in B.C. linked to timing of welfare cheques (Lindsey Richardson)

The average number of people who died of drug overdoses in B.C. over the past five years was 40 per cent higher during weeks when social-assistance payments were distributed than during the rest of the month, according to a study published in the International Journal of Drug Policy.

St. Paul’s Hospital program aims to reduce rate of C-section infections

Early Tuesday morning, Tracy Wu will give birth to her third child.

As DNA’s secrets are revealed, genetic counsellors interpret results (Kirsten Bartels)

Thirteen years after scientists sequenced the human genome, we are still trying to figure out how to read it and what to do about the stories it tells. It’s clear the presence of certain genes can predict our vulnerability to disease, including cancer and birth defects. But the decisions to test for these genes and act on the results raise tough questions.

Children born to incarcerated mothers do well if allowed to bond: researcher (Amy Salmon)

Children can do well when allowed to live and bond with their incarcerated mothers, according to a researcher who has studied mother-baby residential programs in provincial jails. 

St. Paul's Foundation CEO Dick Vollet on the Kash Heed Show

Kash Heed speaks with Dick Vollet, CEO of St. Paul's Foundation, about BC Research Groups partnering with China's genomics leader for improved patient care.

Listen to the full interview here

Vancouver hospital signs deal with genomics firm at ‘leading edge of medicine’

A promising future’s in the genes for St. Paul’s Hospital and a team of Vancouver medical researchers who signed a research deal with the world’s largest genomics company on Wednesday.

Chinese genomics giant enters B.C. health research partnership

Five B.C. health-industry groups have agreed to form a research partnership with Chinese genomics giant BGI to advance medical technologies such as the treatment of cancer, officials said Wednesday.

Leading Health Organizations in Canada and China Teaming up to Accelerate Precision Medicine

BGI at Shenzhen, Providence Health Care, St. Paul’s Foundation and partners plan joint research initiative

BGI, British Columbia Organizations to Collaborate on Precision Medicine

BGI and five British Columbia-based biomedical and healthcare organizations have allied on personalized medicine.

Preventing sudden tragedy (Dr. Andrew Krahn)

When a seemingly healthy person collapses and dies with no warnings, it is called sudden unexpected death or in some cases unexplained cardiac arrest.