Trudeau Should Hear It From Horgan: Legalize Opioids For Addiction (Crosstown Clinic)

When B.C. Premier John Horgan meets with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, he has an opportunity to make the case that the federal and provincial governments need to work together to take drastic steps to deal with the overdose crisis.

Last year, 922 people died in B.C. from drug overdoses, many due to fentanyl. Fentanyl is cheap, lethal and here to stay. It foreshadows a grim future: cheap, easily manufactured synthetic drugs, impossible to control, that will threaten more lives than traditional opioids. It is no longer possible to treat the overdose crisis as anything but a major health crisis.

We believe the time has come to allow doctors to prescribe a full range of opioids for addiction. For those for whom substitution therapy like methadone or buprenorphine does not work, evidence from Europe and Canada shows that injectable opioids such as dihydromorphone can be highly effective in giving people back their lives and health. The Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver is providing this treatment to a small number of people, but many more could benefit.

Maxwell Cameron and Randall White report

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