On the campaign trail with: Spencer Chandra Herbert, BC NDP (The new St. Paul's)

Spencer Chandra Herbert is marshalling his volunteers and gathering up signs, twine and brochures when Metro catches up with the incumbent candidate for Vancouver-West End.

This is the fourth provincial election for the 35-year-old B.C. NDP candidate after he was first elected as an MLA in a 2008 by-election. This election Chandra Herbert is also balancing campaigning with his new role as dad: Chandra Herbert and his husband, Romi Chandra Herbert, welcomed baby Dev this Valentine’s Day.

Vera Wells’ top issues are home care and a plan to move St. Paul’s Hospital to a new site near the False Creek Flats. Using her mobility scooter, Wells, 72, is carrying her 78-year-old friend’s laundry back to her, a necessity since home care providers no longer have time to do that chore.

Jen St. Denis reports

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