These medical students want to give PrEP to all the wrong people (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Medical students in the US are less willing to prescribe PrEP to men who are at highest risk for HIV infection, according to a recent study.

George Washington University psychologist Sarah Calabrese asked more than 100 medical students to consider if they would prescribe PrEP, drugs shown to be highly effective at preventing the transmission of HIV, to various hypothetical men. Some of the imaginary patients were in a relationship with an HIV-positive man, while some had multiple partners of unknown status. Some used condoms, some did not, and some planned to stop using condoms after taking PrEP.

“If you are using condoms, if you know the status of your partner, if your partner’s HIV is suppressed, you don’t need Truvada,” researcher Julio Montaner at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS told Xtra when the PrEP drug Truvada was approved by Health Canada this spring.

Niko Bell reports

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