UBC program aims to train health care workers to manage aging population

A new program at UBC beginning in January aims to specially train health care workers for dealing with an aging population.

Older patients brings certain challenges, with many suffering from chronic disease, for example, and this master’s program in Health Leadership & Policy in Seniors Care aims to give health care workers the necessary skills to deal with those issues.

“We have a strong health care system, but I would say we have a somewhat disjointed continuum of care for seniors,” says program director Dr. Judith Lynam. “It’s episodic and broken up. The problem that creates for people who are aging or the family members of the people who are aging is that there’s a lot of different — it’s difficult to get the kind of care and support you need for a family member. Nurses have always had a leadership role in the provision of care to seniors, from community care to institutional care, to hospital-based care…this program is unique in that it’s a graduate program for health professionals, professionals from a range of disciplines who are interested in moving the care of seniors forward in a coherent fashion.”

Martin Macmahon reports.

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