New drug trial to improve stroke care (PHCRI)

BC Emergency Health Services is participating in a drug trial to determine if NA-1, a neuroprotectant designed to contain the damage to the brain in the event of a stroke, is effective in reducing disability in patients with acute cerebral ischemia if administered early after symptom onset. Paramedics in Vancouver and Richmond, BC, and Toronto and Peel, ON, will be administering the clinical study drug.

Eligible stroke patients will be given NA-1 or a placebo as part of the 558-patient randomized trial. The study will compare outcomes when paramedics give either NA-1 or a placebo to patients while transporting patients to the closest stroke centre. Once in hospital, patients will receive standard care for strokes.

In BC the trial is coordinated by the BC Prehospital Resuscitation Research office at Providence Health Care Research Institute. Overall study coordination is based out of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Joanne Jablkowski reports

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