New B.C. study shows big increase in Type 2 diabetes in youths (Dr. Calvin Ke, St. Paul's Hospital)

Type 2 diabetes used to be considered a disease of older people. But a new BC study has found Type 2 diabetes has drastically increased among young people, with the highest number of new cases for South Asians — twice the rate of Caucasian youth and triple that of Chinese in the same age group.

The study led by Providence Health Care found the majority of young people under 30 with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes, which, unlike Type 1, is caused mostly by obesity and physical inactivity.

Dr. Calvin Ke, one of the study authors, says urgent action is needed to prevent Type 2 diabetes among youth who are being diagnosed as early as age 20, though screening for the disease doesn’t start until age 40.

Paula Baker and Linda Aylesworth report

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