St. Paul's Hospital Opens BC's First One-Stop Thyroid Clinic

Vancouver, April 28, 2008 — St. Paul’s Hospital has opened the doors to British Columbia’s first clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and management of thyroid cancers and thyroid hormone disorders.
“Thyroid disorders are on the rise across Canada, especially thyroid cancer,” says Dr. Ehud Ur, Providence Health Care’s Division Head of Endocrinology. “Thyroid cancer is the eighth most prevalent form of cancer affecting women and is growing in frequency in Canada. It is a complex yet ultimately treatable condition that requires specialist multidisciplinary care.”

The new thyroid clinic represents a multidisciplinary collaboration between nurses and physicians, including specialists in endocrinology (hormones), surgery, radiation therapy, radiology and pathology. This new clinic will be able to diagnose and treat patients with a variety of methods all in one location.

The clinic will offer diagnostic facilities, complex treatment regimens and educational resources to help patients understand their condition and deal with the challenges. The clinic will also be a leading center of education of thyroid related disorders to other physicians and students.

Located in the base of the throat, the thyroid gland makes important hormones to help the body regulate critical human functions including energy, muscle strength, weight and mood. Other diseases of the thyroid gland, including overproduction or deficiencies of thyroid hormones and thyroid nodules, also represent medical challenges that warrant prompt advanced care.

Patients will be accepted by referral by general practitioners and other physicians.

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Contact Information for Thyroid Clinic:

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