Canuck Fever Grips Seniors and Staff at Vancouver Care Facility

Canuck fever has gripped the residents and staff of one of Vancouver’s long-standing residential care facilities.

At the entrance to St. Vincent’s Langara, a massive photo of Robert Luongo hangs from the balcony. Inside the building’s main atrium is a big screen TV purchased with funding from the Tapestry Foundation for Health Care in time for residents to enjoy the Olympics last year. Residents are once again gathered around that TV for every Canucks game, surrounded by Canucks banners, flags, and towels, replicas of the Stanley Cup, countdown board and posters.

Staff sport Canucks jerseys on game day and there are additional TVs on each floor for residents who aren’t physically able to make it down to the atrium.

Many family members join their loved ones for game nights and wear Canuck jerseys, contributing to the Canucks team spirit at the St. Vincent’s Langara site. Residents, staff and family members look forward to the countdown after each game which signifies the remaining number of games the Canucks need to win before the Stanley Cup is hoisted in this city.

“The Canucks — being in the Stanley Cup Playoffs — have unified this vibrant community of residents, families and friends. The environment stimulates and enhances the quality of life of the residents, many of whom require care with their daily activities and are impacted by dementia,” said Tapestry Foundation for Health Care CEO Ann Corrigan.

“And, you have to remember that some of the residents were born and raised in Vancouver and have been waiting a long time for the Canucks to bring that trophy home,” added Corrigan.

The Canucks game day gatherings are a fitting tribute to BC Seniors Week this week, and to the array of services Tapestry Foundation funds to improve the quality of life for Vancouver seniors.

Tapestry Foundation maintains a longstanding tradition of delivering quality educational sessions on the latest research, issues and challenges pertinent to seniors, families and caregivers. The first session of this year’s free public presentation series, Dialogue on Aging, launches this Thursday thanks to the generous sponsorship of London Drugs.

Tapestry Foundation subsidizes symphony and chamber music performances at residential care facilities, giving residents a unique opportunity to hear live music – one they might not otherwise have. The Foundation recently raised funds for a renovated garden space at Brock Fahrni Pavilion, creating a tranquil and natural setting.

Donations to Tapestry Foundation fund capital projects such as building solariums, renovating the hydrotherapy rehabilitation pool so it can serve more residents, and upgrading dining rooms and adjoining communal kitchens to enable families to actually cook a meal on-site with their loved one.

For more information and to find out how you can make a donation to Tapestry Foundation to improve the quality of life for Vancouver seniors, call 604.877.8335 or visit

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