In The Bloom At Brock Fahrni

When site leader Angie Martinez envisioned a renewed garden at Brock Fahrni to indulge the senses of residents, families and staff, she received legions of support.
More than $300,000 was raised through Royal Canadian Legion Branches, the Legion Foundation, Veterans Affairs Canada and service groups, as well as countless residents and their families, to put the bloom back into the garden space.

The lush, safe new garden and patio amount to more than just recreational space at Brock Fahrni. “This is a community, and our families and friends are part of this community,” said Martinez. “Our garden is our showcase, our pride and joy.”

More than two years in the making, the Brock Fahrni garden renewal project was received with great anticipation from residents. “Many of our residents have been gardeners all their life. This garden is an extension of who they are.” Martinez notes that involving residents in gardening is a way to recognize their wisdom, knowledge and skills.

Keen gardeners appreciate the therapeutic value of sowing seeds and tending a garden. Research has also documented the therapeutic aspect of gardens that include encouraging in social interaction and reducing stress or anger. Fostered by its use for veterans after World War II, horticultural therapy is now a recognized discipline in Canada.