Researchers are exploring the link between hearing loss and dementia (Dementia Village)

Remember when some experts were suggesting we’d find a cure for dementia within five to seven years? Turns out that was some five to seven years ago.

Clearly, a cure has proven elusive, but all is not doom and gloom. Research continues on a cure and scientists have also amassed a wealth of knowledge on how to prevent — or at least delay — the onset of dementia.

We’ve learned, for example, that one way to forestall cognitive decline is to eat healthily, exercise, maintain a healthy weight and avoid vices like smoking and drinking excessively. In other words, to follow the very lifestyle that doctors have long prescribed to prevent heart disease and a raft of other deleterious conditions.

Consequently, at Providence Healthcare’s 16th Annual Geriatric Services Conference on April 12, psychologist and audiologist Kathleen Pichora-Fuller will present a free evening public lecture addressing the research on, and relationship between, hearing loss and dementia.

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