Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart launches Opioid Emergency Task Force

Mayor Kennedy Stewart launched his Opioid Emergency Task Force on Tuesday to help gather quick-start recommendations from a wide array of experts that will help the City of Vancouver quickly save lives. The Task Force was approved unanimously by City Council on November 14 and terms of reference were subsequently circulated to Councillors.

“The Opioid Emergency Task Force will rapidly gather the best recommendations from experts on the front lines of this crisis on how the City of Vancouver can use its resources to save lives,” said Stewart. “More than 30 people every month are dying. These are our friends and neighbours and we must take action immediately.”

Stewart has invited each member of the Community Action Team (CAT) to participate in the Task Force by asking them to identify their top five recommendations for action. Once recommendations are gathered, the CAT will be asked to rank the proposed options.

Rattan Mall reports.

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