Medical distress of Mission baby could have been avoided: Angel's Cradle advocate (Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff)

Following the discovery of a newborn in a dumpster in Mission, a program that allows women to safely abandon a baby says there needs to be more places like it.

Angel’s Cradle is a bassinet outside the emergency department at St. Paul’s Hospital that provides a safe and anonymous place for a mom to leave her newborn if she feels she can’t care for it. Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff, regional head for obstetrics and gynecology for Providence Health Care and Vancouver Coastal Health, is behind the program and thinks if more hospitals offered Angel’s Cradle, the baby found in Mission would have maybe been left in a safe place, instead.

“It was clear that there was a small subset of women who were leaving their baby in the community because they needed to remain anonymous, so that was the goal of the Angel’s Cradle, to address that need and try to get those babies into a safer environment,” Cundiff tells NEWS 1130.

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