4/20 organizers prepared to pay more than ever for Sunset Beach event (SPH)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The organizers of the 4/20 gathering, which happens Friday at Sunset Beach, are emphasizing what measures they are taking to minimize damage to the park.

They say they’re spending tens of thousands of dollars to cover costs.One expense the gathering incurred last year was replacing the damaged grass at the park. Organizer Dana Larsen says that was taken into consideration this year, and explains the grass will be protected.

Larsen also expects there to be some money left over after the event wraps up. “So this year we’re actually making two charitable donations on behalf of the 4/20 event. We’ve decided to donate $4,200 to the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, because they deal with some of the medical emergencies at 4/20 so we want to help support the work they do.”

Hana Mae Nassar & Renee Bernard report

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