MAiD should be an option for those getting care in hospice

“Death is a Long, Long Sleep. Sleep is a Short, Short Death.” This is my favourite classical round, by Joseph Haydn. I love a good night’s sleep plus an afternoon nap. I’ll power nap on road trips and own a nightshirt that shouts “Queen of Naps.” Like most of us mortals, when my time comes, I want to die peacefully in my sleep.

I am at an age where deaths of friends and family are becoming too common. I lost five people in the past six weeks.

Providence Health, a part of B.C.’s health authorities, runs seven faith-based hospitals, such as St. Paul’s, St. Vincent’s, etc. Providence has voiced concerns about MAiD and refused to allow patients/residents to receive this service citing religious freedoms. It makes me wonder what our progressive Pope Francis would say about this.

ML Burke writes

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