How opioid vending machines could fix Vancouver’s drug crisis (Crosstown Clinic)

It took a long time for Dr. Mark Tyndall to decide that the best way to do his job would be to ensure Vancouverites could get hard drugs from automated vending machines.

Tyndall, 58, is the director of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. He’s been working with addicts for decades, helping them stay alive, helping them manage their addictions, helping those who think they might be ready—and on most days, that’s not a lot—try to get off drugs.

“I can take you by the Crosstown clinic, which sees about 140 people every day for hydromorphone and heroin injections,” he says. Crosstown is the only place in Canada authorized by Health Canada to distribute free drugs to addicts. “The model’s been going on a long time. It’s very intensive and very expensive. And not really scalable.”

Paul Wells reports

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