Opinion: To Amazon or Not to Amazon — What should we question? (New St. Paul's)

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the potential for Vancouver to woo tech giant Amazon’s second North American headquarters, or HQ2.

When Vancouver submits its proposal to Amazon by the October 19 deadline, will Vancouverites and those in surrounding communities really understand what our municipalities are promising in return for the potential to host the fourth most valuable public company in the world?

And where will Amazon live? Do we plan to give them a vast tract of agricultural land outside of Vancouver proper, further reducing our food security?  Or do we displace the nearly negotiated future home of St. Paul’s Hospital in the 18.4 acre site at False Creek Flats?  Will a massive land assembly in the DTES force the city to renege on its commitments to the current residents in favour of a singular view of what economic development might look like?

Carmen Lansdowne writes

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