On Vancouver visit, Portugal’s renowned drug czar says fentanyl should be declared a national emergency (Crosstown Clinic)

Dr. João Goulão has received international attention for the lead role he played in Portugal’s fundamental shift in drug policy. It culminated with a massive investment in treatment options and, in 2001, the decriminalization of illicit narcotics, including cocaine and heroin. In subsequent years, such progressive policies resulted in invitations from around the world.

This morning (September 6), Goulão visited Vancouver for his first time. He began the trip with a tour of addiction and harm-reduction programs in the Downtown Eastside. Goulão said he was shocked by what he saw.

Speaking outside Vancouver’s Crosstown Clinic this morning, Goulão was obviously troubled by what he saw in the Downtown Eastside, but also said he was “impressed”.

Travis Lupick reports

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