Bulk Heroin imports (Crosstown Clinic)

Canada is making it easier for health authorities to import prescription heroin in bulk as a way to help combat the deadly overdose crisis.

Injectable prescription heroin — officially known as diacetylmorphine — is not licensed for production anywhere in North America. Under the new rules it, as well as other medications that aren’t authorized domestically, will be more readily available to users under a special government program, though the drug can only be administered through hospitals, which can include certain clinics.

Currently only a small number of patients with opioid addictions in Vancouver receive doses of the drug through an onerous special federal exemptions process that allows the Crosstown Clinic to import it from a company in Switzerland. That prescription heroin program has helped dozens of people who haven’t responded to other addictions methods control their cravings and stay away from the illicit street supply that has become increasingly contaminated with fentanyl.

Rachel Browne reports

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