St. Paul's Hospital researchers, physicians, leaders and staff recognized during BC Legislature


S. Sullivan: In the late 1880s, the Sisters of Providence arrived in Vancouver after hearing of needs in this burgeoning coastal city. When they arrived, they made a plan to meet the needs of people by building a 25-bed hospital. Their mandate, which still lives on, is about seeing suffering, feeling compassion and meeting needs. It's about the people.

Over 123 years, St. Paul's has stepped up when others wouldn't and has become a hotbed for innovation and discovery. Examples: St. Paul's is the home to the provincial Heart Centre, the referral centre for all of B.C.'s most complex cardiac cases. It’s the only facility in B.C. to perform adult heart transplants — 27 in 2016, three of which were performed in 24 hours.

The heart valve replacement technique pioneered by Dr. John Webb at the provincial heart centre has allowed more than 250,000 people in over 40 countries to have had heart valves replaced without open-heart surgery. St. Paul's Centre for Heart Lung Innovation ranks first in Canada for research, helping people with lung disease breathe and survive.

St. Paul's was one of the first hospitals to treat HIV/AIDS patients. Thanks to Dr. Julio Montaner's treatment as prevention strategy, developed at the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS at St. Paul's, the treatment and care is about living and not dying. The same methods that were adopted to eliminate AIDS globally are now being applied to address other contagious diseases like hep C.

Now St. Paul's is on the front lines of the opioid crisis. Thanks to the newly established, world-class B.C. Centre on Substance Use, innovative treatment and care can help people to stay alive and have better lives while struggling with problematic substance use.

All of this has been possible in an 120-year-old facility. Now as we look to the future of St. Paul's and the health of British Columbians, we have an opportunity, unlike one we've ever had, to give our patients and health care professionals the hospital and the integrated health campus they deserve.

When the doors of the new St. Paul's open, it will stand firmly among the world's great health care centres, because our citizens deserve the best in care. At the new St. Paul's, the acute hospital will be the central feature that will also house medical clinics, research facilities and a health technology hub with industry partners. Research and patient care will be integrated as teams work side by side to transform early care concepts into real solutions for patients. Patients will continue to be seen as human beings and individuals

Join me in supporting the new St. Paul's and, with it, a new model of care.