B.C. seniors advocate: Antipsychotic medication may be causing care-home aggression, injuries (Jo-Ann Tait)

Care homes in B.C. are giving antipsychotic medications to too many seniors who haven’t been diagnosed with psychosis, and that may be responsible for aggression and injuries among the elderly, according to the province’s seniors advocate.

In facilities across the province, an average of 27 per cent of residents are taking antipsychotics without a matching psychiatric diagnosis, according to the newly updated Residential Care Facilities Quick Facts Directory.

There are three care homes in B.C. where more than half of residents were taking antipsychotics without a diagnosis of psychosis in 2015-16: Youville Residence (62.6 per cent of residents) and Adanac Park Lodge (52.1 per cent) in Vancouver, and Lynn Valley Care Centre (51.1 per cent) in North Vancouver.

Bethany Lindsay reports

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