Vancouver's Terminal Avenue tech corridor dreams replaced by multi-sector reality (The new St. Paul's Hospital)

There was a time not too long ago when Vancouver city planners thought that the False Creek Flats would be, by now, the beating heart of B.C.’s tech sector, a mini-Silicon Valley and among the largest innovation clusters in the province.

Today, walking down Terminal Avenue through the heart of the Flats and past the Pacific Central rail station, that large tech community remains elusive. In its place are a few new office buildings, a Tim Hortons, a Long & McQuade music store, the three-year-old campus of liberal arts school Columbia College, and a long row of luxury car dealerships and storage facilities.

“We want to support what’s there, including art and cultural establishments. St. Paul’s Hospital is moving to the neighbourhood, and a lot of the green industries we want are there right now. We are not re-inventing these things, but we want to support these uses better.”

Chuck Chiang reports

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